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Stephanie Lyn Coaching Hey Guys! Welcome to my YouTube Channel. I am a Life & Relationship Coach and I help people that have recently gone through a divorce or ended a relationship. I work specifically on teaching my clients the process of healing. I give each person that I work with the emotional support they need to not only heal and survive what they have been through but to also THRIVE in their new life. Keep watching to.. • Learn the Process of Letting Go • Rebuild your Self-Confidence, Self-Worth & Self Esteem • Heal from your Past Relationship • Learn the Process of Forgiveness • Master your Emotions • Understand the Steps towards Healthy Self-Love • Learn How to Trust your Intuition • Begin Creating Healthy Relationships • Discover How to Set Boundaries with People • Learn what Your Standards are in a Relationship • Begin Dating in a Healthy Way Join our fast growing community TODAY and not only Heal but THRIVE in your New Life!

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  1. Dated a text book narcissist . Posts crazy revealing Instagram pics and has actually gone out on dates with other guys who have commented on her pics 2. She’s never with her kids, she pawns them off on to her parents and sisters so she can go and hangout with her single gal pals who are pretty much high class escorts in Newport. 3. She tries to spin every argument into a defense case like it’s a murder trial and it never is just a simple place of understanding ; it’s always her defending something as petty as “hey you’re , thought you were going be here 2- hours ago”, and she’ll rattle off some outrageous defense when I was just partially kidding. She jumps straight to drama. She can never be wrong 4. She’ll never end in argument with her taking a stance of mere understanding, how you feel or how her actions have led to you being hurt 5. She won’t spend a dime of her own money 6. She’ll only do something special to build up to asking for something big from you; otherwise, lousy and lazy half hearted sex is her gift to you 7. no job but spends money on expensive things, but then complains about how you need to make more 8. Will tell white lies for no reason like parking in front of you and then say she’s been there waiting for 10 min lol literally happened. I saw her park in spot in front of me and refused to admit she just got here 9.Manipulates her family and bullies them into submission until she has them convinced she’s the victim 10. Always seeking more attention from anyone anywhere. Our first date she pursued a guy who. His girlfriend had just left for the bathroom. She walked over to order us a couple drinks and then she struck up a convo initiated a 2-3 min chat and then his girlfriend came back and the rest of the night was a series of these kinds of patterns. She was constantly walking over to random guys to get there attention. She needs validation. Tall short fat skinny fit broke wealthy homeless black white purple… doesn’t matter. If you have a pulse she wants you to check her out. 11. The big bonus character… her weird stares and mirroring … she has a very odd gaze that she will at some point sit and stare at someone, usually someone new she hasn’t met. It’s like she’s calculating something or plotting . Very Demonic… then the mirroring. Her high end escort friend in Newport has blonde hair very beautiful and wears her makeup a certain and dresses upscale wardrobes. Of course then now she does too . Blonde hair , extensions, all new bathing suits, evening attire, and even now laughs just like her. Mimics the laugh dead on. I joked about it, and her friend was like yeah we do laugh alike kinda sarcastically like “ please stop” annoyed by realizing it. Now they’re not even friends. I think something went down between. The narc probably crossed her in a bad way

  2. Hi Stephanie.: I am 72 years old. I have been married 3 times. I fell in love with a narcissist lady. WOW. It was an extremely
    rocky relationship. She loved bomb me, then the passive, aggressive behavior started. Put downs, telling me I was crazy, breaking dates, dancing with many other men, when we went out, telling me that she loved spending all my money, and gas lighting me. and telling me she was not having an affair with this one certain married man
    she loved to dance with: and borrowing rather large amounts of money from me. On one dancing date, she sat a guy down next to me, and put her arm around him, and her thumb down between the his belt on the back of the pants. And flirted with him for a hour, and totally ignored me. I said nothing , as I did not want to cause a scene in public.
    The next evening, I told her that her behavior was unacceptable and canceled and evening date with her. She told me I was being
    over reactive, and that she was just being a friendly Oklahoma women. Then, she then cut me off on love making, saying we were not being good Christians. She would want me around for five days straight, and then tell me she did not want to see me for a week. She was my age. And she was a beautiful, and attractive woman. After, ten months of abuse, I called off the relationship.
    My childhood was the typical childhood for my generation. My mother was very friendly, kind and loving. She was a Christian lady, and I was her favorite. My father, was a WW2 vet and came from a highly dysfunctional family. He was not am emotionally available man, and non involved in the family. So, I grew up a co-dependent. I am a Marine infantry Vietnam Vet, Now, I have been out of the relationship for 7 months: I am finally realizing what happened to me. I am breaking free from co-dependency and finally becoming a single, healthy emotional man. I have been to some VA counseling on my issues and making lots of progress. I live by myself, and I am starting to become happy with myself and my singleness. I have set emotional goals for myself and hope to be happily married someday. I like the logical way your express yourself, and the practical way your explain what narcissist behavior is all about. Thanks: you are helping me become a healthy emotional adult. Feel free to share my experiences in your counseling in helping other people. You are a god send to me. I have a goal of becoming a emotionally healthy, and socially, well adjusted person. If you are motivated, there is nothing you can not accomplish. Thanks again, Johnny Alexander

  3. Just got out of my first relationship about a month ago. I have been thinking I was losing my mind and going insane. After watching this video, she was a textbook narcissist. But as another commenter said, everyone is on her side. All of our mutual friends turned against me because they believe I did some terrible acts.

  4. how do you navigate passive aggressive woman? She is my sister in law. i set a boundaries on her (to stop her bs n nonsence towards me), she reacted by giving me silent treatment n invalidates me.
    I chose to be happy n let her be n her actions says alot. i don't question her coz i believe she has issues to receive criticism n not accepr accountability of her actions, she also has enablers n im not one of them. im more truthful n honest in any relationships, so i don't supply what she wants n needs.
    i stayed with my decision n respect myself too much to argue with her.
    Am i doing the right thing? its ashamed things is going this way, but i love myself n love loving n positive ppl in my circle. not negativity, like the one she is presenting n its with her presence.

  5. It was the worst year of my life emotionally. No matter what I did, she would find a way to start a fight. Then, when I would try to adapt to her wants she would still find ways to fight. Tear me down, minimize my love, minimize my worth. Finally I just couldn't do it anymore. I realized it was her not me.

  6. My wife, who I've been with since we were 16( be 49 next month)cheated on me from 03 to 07 and only stopped because she was caught, she wanted me to stay, begged me not to leave, then 2 years later I became so ill I was bedridden and was in and out of ICU, coma and family called in because they said I wouldn't make it. 2 years into my illness she stopped being there, oh we lived in same house but till march of 2020 I was just there to pay Bills. She literally wants to bleed me dry emotionally and financially. I've never gotten over the affair and I never got an answer as to why. Now I'm better we've been working on things, but then I find out she was hiding a coworkers number and some other things. She got busted with a reliable hacker who helped me hack into her iPhone,facebook,Instagram, Whats-App, Text messages, deleted call messages, twitter and email account as far back as 2 years.He's available 24HOURS. Calls OR Text On WhatsApp +12626837511. Contact him for closure greatermindhacker AT …Now I know the truth, she says she's done. Nature of a Narc!!

    What should i do at this point? Any ideas?

    i don't know if i still love her after all we've been through.

  7. My girlfriend doesn’t want me to work or learn to drive
    She says I’m controlling when I try and express my feelings I’m aloud to express good feelings but not ones that mean I criticise her or her son
    I’m starting to feel like she’s controlling
    They both speak to me like what I’m saying is rubbish and invalid
    For instance I said I was going to buy a car and start learning to drive so I can go caving with my friends in the evening and asked her if she would sit in with me due to the cost of lessons in the uk
    At that point I was told I was taking her independence away from her which is not what I want I just want to learn to drive
    Am I being unreasonable to want to drive so i can independence