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  • Cannibis is not the problem , the problem is those who want to mix it with other things like any herbs or drug you can be overdose.
    Medical cannabis is ok but to smoke it every day and mixing it with alcohol or other chemical is a problem to all.

  • I had a life threatening car accident before I started using marijuana. And since ive been using it about 20+ years now with no accidents or tickets. Herb help you to concentrate and actually allows you to be more careful. This is still a form of the same propaganda they been using against marijuana since the 1950s

  • I've smoked my fair share of weed in my time, but I don't think I've ever smoked weeds. I've also done alcohol before. Had sex on a woman too, BOTH positions thank you very much.

  • You only have to look at willie nelson… 80something, heavy weed smoker and still going strong!! He uses (and is an advocate for) vaping weed.. Its the tobacco that does the damage!! And i believe some people are more susceptible to mental health problems than others! But the freedom is yours to try your luck!

  • A lot of you guys are missing the point. You dont need thc in any way(unless you're very ill). To experience life in its.fullest is to be 100% clear minded. That's what really puts you face to face with the realities of this world. A true experience of life, not some altered one

  • weed makes it easier to accept shitty living conditions, thats good if you're ok with being mediocre..

    a red flag for those who enjoy the finer things..

  • Just to be clear, this message is not an anti-weed message, but rather; a pro-personal nirvana message. Also, he message is no different than the one the Messiah spoke.

    NOTE: It is highly unlikely that the accident rate of a State increased due to the legalization of marijuana seeing that people who smoke weed are less likely to drive and weed smokers are going to use it wether or not it's legal as they always have.

  • im a cannabis consumer but im agree with this, cannabis or any other drug just supply our lack of something but its so much easier smoke a joint that sit and see whats wrong in our lives, the worst part is that you know whats wrong but you dont do a shit about that cause you are stoned and you want keep into it. bless you guys.
    pd:sorry bad english

  • It’s only legal in huge states like Cali Florida etc cluttered driveways anyways with the biggest populations. Of course there’s more crashes 👎👎👎😂 dumb ass news people

  • Cannabis does block chakras and vital energy points allowing the chakra demons to come in. It's very much true look past the culture and you're temporary high and realize the truth. I use it about every day and it does depend of who you are but at rhe same time it does effect you more than you think. Most cannabis in the west is completely fake and genetically modified. People really used ot for contacting the spirit world or for healing an ailment. It's also true your brain is your ultimate drug. More complex than any computer on earth.

  • 1:19 he himself accepted we should smoke weed ……..and research he is talking about proved only children below 12 smoking cannabis are being affected by memory I don't expect a 12 year old doctor treating Sadhguru

  • He is just promoting his business …I checked for the fees …. it's 6 lakh Indian rupees…
    How can I afford that….I was admiring him first but letter I came to know…
    It's all about money…

  • >> 🅻🅰🆆 🅾🅵 🅰🆃🆃🆁🅰🅲🆃🅸🅾🅽 Hí́́́́ddé́́́́é́é́ńń Ḿí́́́́ńddd Ṕőẃé́́́́ŕś Á́́́́ńd Hőẃ Tő Űśé́́́́ Thé́́́́ḿ! (bé́ í́ńśṕí́ŕé́d ḿőtí́vá́tí́őńá́ĺĺĺ ví́dé́ő ) ḾŰśT śÉ́́́É́́́! ( 🅻🅰🆆 🅾🅵 🅰🆃🆃🆁🅰🅲🆃🅸🅾🅽 ) >> ≧◉◡◉≦ ✔️

    Funny මම මත්පැන් භාවිතය ගැන කිසිම වීඩියෝ පටයක් මෙම නාලිකාව නොපෙනේ

  • Sad guru tell me you got soo much of Gnan after smoking weed?? Astronomy… Chemistry.. Black hole.. Galaxy.. Tattoo… Weed.. Alcohol… Which strain do you take sir

  • Weed is not dangerous it's what you make of it. If it caused someone psychosis then something was wrong long before that person smoked. If it became a gateway drug then there were underlying problems in that individuals life and for that you need a doctor someone with a PhD rather than self medicating. Cannabis is medicinal ancestors used it to communicate with spirit ancestors and to reach higher levels.

  • Sadhguru, Namaste. 1st of all let me start by saying I'm a fan and I like a lot of your thoughts, solutions and work on modern day problems – However, I simply cannot agree with anything you say on Cannabis. In our own Atharva Vedas, Cannabis is 1of the 5 Sacred plants. It has been used since time immemorial in our history – This 1 Sacred plant has been used to make clothes, used as food, used as medicine, and yes, it has been used to get high – But now it is villified simply because the US deemed it as a drug! – Who the hell is anyone to say whether this drug should be legal or illegal when this 1 plant has kept centuries of our Ancestors clothed, fed and healthy. Who knows, maybe if Not for this god given plant.. the human race might have been wiped out a long time ago and you and me would never have existed and we would not be having this discussion now. You always talk about the surgeon or the doctor – that is not a fair comparison simply because.. Anything you do in excess renders you incapable – Would you like a surgeon who has had too much coffee cutting into you? – No, cos his hands would be jittery. Would you like a pilot who just stuffed his stomach eating like 10 big mac meals and flying the plane after? – No, cos he might fall asleep. You yourself say, you are in a perpetual bliss – pretty much meaning you are perpetually stoned – So should we therefore not pay heed to whatever you are saying? So please stop using those examples, they are not relevant. Ganja cannot be used excessively if you are smoking it – There is a limit and your body controls that. You cannot overdose. The CBD extracted from cannabis plants has been proven to stop fits in children who might otherwise die. I won't even talk about how it has helped cancer patients. Ganja used like you use a coffee in the morning before work whether you are a doctor, a pilot or a taxi driver would literally have no cosequense.

    I respect you.. but I really think before basically vilifying 1 of the most sacred and important plants in our heritage and history, you really should learn more about it. Too many people listen to you for you to give inaccurate information. And No One should be questioning our Atharva Vedas – least of all you.

    Get Up Stand Up, Stand Up 4 your Rights.. Get Up Stand Up, Don't Give Up the Fight! Legalise the Herb! Overgrow the damn System!

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