Bulldog Mindset

Bulldog Mindset teaches you what you need to know to completely transform your life, inside and out.

On this channel you'll learn the personal development techniques necessary to build self confidence, lose weight and get in shape, become mentally tough, develop incredible self-discipline, stop being lazy and become super productive, motivate yourself, become more attractive to the opposite sex, and improve your health and physique like never before... and much, much more!

Bulldog Mindset is based on the stoic philosophy which advocates developing, personal inner strength, self-reliance and mental toughness to become resilient to fate and misfortune.

It's all about becoming strong enough to handle whatever life happens to throw at you and to rise above it.

The Bulldog Mindset is divided into 4 main areas:
Mindset / Philosophy
Fitness and Health
Wealth and Investing
Relationships and Sex

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