Respond DON'T React with a Narcissist! Learn how to disarm a TOXIC Person

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Stephanie Lyn Coaching Hey Guys! Welcome to my YouTube Channel. I am a Life & Relationship Coach and I help people that have recently gone through a divorce or ended a relationship. I work specifically on teaching my clients the process of healing. I give each person that I work with the emotional support they need to not only heal and survive what they have been through but to also THRIVE in their new life. Keep watching to.. • Learn the Process of Letting Go • Rebuild your Self-Confidence, Self-Worth & Self Esteem • Heal from your Past Relationship • Learn the Process of Forgiveness • Master your Emotions • Understand the Steps towards Healthy Self-Love • Learn How to Trust your Intuition • Begin Creating Healthy Relationships • Discover How to Set Boundaries with People • Learn what Your Standards are in a Relationship • Begin Dating in a Healthy Way Join our fast growing community TODAY and not only Heal but THRIVE in your New Life!

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  1. Hi Stephanie, I came across your videos recently and they are really really helpful. I was trying walking away during my partners’ tantrums but it is just getting worse then. He is following me to the other room, he is following me outside – I am not allowed to walk away, I have to stay and take everything he is throwing at me… the worst is I don’t feel I have enough power to leave him, even if I really want to…

  2. My problem is, and I would LOVE any advice, is what if it's a boss and you like the job but they are abusive as all hell? I know many will say to leave but the job pays very well and I want to do it for a year or two to save up for a house. Do the same rules still apply i.e. saying I am not having this conversation with you, that you have to go, etc.? I'm usually fine with this but this is a tough one bc I'm not finding a rulebook for this. Thanks!

  3. Being with a narcissist and going through abuse is God forcing us to learn how to love ourselves.they are not going to do that for you.its a blessing in disguise but you can get through it.💪💪💪I love you all. You can do this

  4. I've noticed that when you suddenly cut off the argumentative narcissistic bully, they get embarrassed and then mad. They're so used to getting their way until they get cut off feeling a loss of power and control

  5. The best way to get away from these people and heal (if your single) is to buy a van and live the van life lifestyle. Get rid of all belongings and close social media and all ways they can contact you and during your van life journey you will stumble on a place that you love. Van life got me away from everyone and there's no way I can be stalked or harassed and I've healed now and doing the things I love and they don't have a clue where I am and I'm even thinking about completely change my name. It's possible to get away. Prior to getting I was completely under there thumbs and in deep suicidal depression for years and then I broke free and stumbled upon this information and I've manage to recover.. it took me around 1.5 years to make sense of everything and heal and this is after a lifetime of bullshit.. My story is very complex and alot of people wouldnt of survived but I've managed to escape heal and never ever turned to drugs or alcohol to cope but it was tough to break those ties. But yeah van life is a really good way to disappear and heal and start fresh.

  6. Do you do any Counsling or couching? And what would that be like? I had a cousin who inviting to my second cousin birthday party, her 11 daughter. And my husband didn’t want to go and stay at her house . And we are 300 miles away from where my cousin lives. We had a flat tire and had to fix it. That costs us 90 dollars. Which was our travel money. So I called her and told her . Now her both daughters are mad at me and now my extended family is not talking to me. Is the damage done? This cousin has had a tendency to manipulate me since we where kids. And she leaned it from her mom.