Relationship Therapists Review Issa & Lawrence's Relationship in 'Insecure' | Vanity Fair

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Relationship therapists Laura Heck and Zach Brittle break down Issa and Lawrence’s relationship in HBO’s ‘Insecure’ and analyze their “roommate” relationship dynamic, how they both dealt with infidelity, and how Issa and Lawrence evolved from season to season.

Director/Producer: Sean Dacanay
Associate Producer: Paul Gulyas
Editor: Nick Rood

Laura Heck and Zach Brittle are certified Gottman therapists and relationship experts. As a public speaker and author, respectively, their insights on therapy have reached the masses. Check out the institute they’re a part of and their Marriage Therapy podcast at the links below:


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Relationship Therapists Review Issa & Lawrence’s Relationship in ‘Insecure’ | Vanity Fair

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  1. Well I can clearly tell they didn’t actually watch the show and that defeats the whole purpose of this conversation in my opinion, it’s annoying. And the female therapist, just villainizing Issa, like everything is black and white. Smh