Reincarnation Proved

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Proof of reincarnation by world famous scientists, proof that soul, reincarnation and God is a truth, clippings copyright by the respected parties. Courtsey : Dr. Brian L Wiess,oprah Winfrey, Alba Weinman, Noam, Manoj & team, Dr, Gopalakrishnan, Bhagavatgita etc

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  1. There are many gods but ONE above all, Lord of Lords, King of Kings. Jesus came as a witness and reflection. Emanuel = "God with us". You can choose to spend eternity with the God of all creation through acknowledging and accepting that Jesus made the payment for us to be reconnected with the God of All creation. Once we realize that and ask for that relationship and enlightenment earnestly, the Spirit will lead us to spiritual discernment and yes, humility and repentance. But also immense gratitude, awe and a new hope.

  2. I remember deaths that I have been through. In my dreams I relive those moments I had. I remember the poorest lives I have lives, and the best ones I have lived.

    Sometimes I think of some of my deaths, and it makes me sick. I cry for when those things happened to me. I can remember why I died all those times.

    In 1963 I was running from people chasing me, and I jumped off a bridge without knowing that there was a fence under it. I still remember the pain of that death. I though I could excape them because it was 25ish foot drop. My body hit the fence post. I remember screams and running. Then it's like everything went black. Anyways that was one time.

    Still shakes me up at the thought of it though.

  3. the guy at 7:30 says there is consciousness in the rocks. He is telling the truth. Jesus in luke 19:40 is revelling the same truth. there are 7 spiritual dimensions
    1) mineral 2) vegetation 3) animal-human 4) angelic realm 5) cherubim 6) seraphim 7) thrones