Recruit 8-10 People In One Day! – NMPRO #642 – – Mindvalley

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  1. Wow! How disappointing. He didn't say one thing to explain how he recruits people. It's basically just a ad for us to purchase something. I'm really looking forward to viewing these NMPRO videos. I hope this is the exception.

  2. Attraction marketing is mostly BS. Top people in the field like Ray Higdon, Cesar Rodriguez, etc all are in my company and never got past the 2nd rank (director) of the company after 4 years. Directors make maybe 2-3k a month.They make money by selling BS training that they never employ themselves. Todd Falcone was anti-attraction marketing for a while. Then he realized how much money he can make selling courses than actually going back in the field. With that said, I think cold calling local real estate agents is a great way to grow your business.