Michael the Dentist

Welcome back everyone! On this channel, you'll be able to watch real dental operations (including surgery, if you so desire...), or just learn the best practices for staying healthy in a world that seems designed to do the opposite. Also, I'm a filmmaker on the side... so yeah.. I might get a little cinematic on ya ;)

More and more people are beginning to realize how connected the mouth, teeth and gums are with the rest of the body. Inflammation of the gums has even been tied to serious illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Understanding how oral disease operates, and the factors that influence it is critical to your well-being.

On this channel, you'll find the following:

-awesome films about optimizing your health
-magnified procedure videos (e.g. teeth bonding/front tooth fillings filmed via surgical operating microscope)
-vlogs featuring actual patient care

I'm advancing health through filmmaking :) Subscribe to the channel; I'd love to have you along!

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