Presentation Skills: 7 Presentation Structures Used by the Best TED Talks

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Delivering a great presentation sounds like a daunting task – but really, it’s all about how you structure it. Learning these presentation skills and structures are key for your presentation. Then you can create your presentation with Visme:

A structured presentation makes the presenter feel more confident and relaxed. Better yet, it manages to tell a story that keeps the audience hooked till the very end.

How you choose to organize your presentation ultimately depends on the end goal of your message. In this video, you’ll learn about 7 different ways to structure your presentation and keep your audience engaged.

In this video, TV presenter and journalist Mike Ploger covers 7 effective presentation skills and ways to structure a presentation, used by top speakers for all types of purposes, from sales pitches and motivational talks to corporate meetings.

A few of these presentation structures include:
– Fact and story
– The explanation
– The drama

Watch the video to learn more about the above presentation structures as well as four others. Polish up your presentation skills and get ready to rock your presentation.

Learn more about these seven ways to structure your presentation by visiting our blog:


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