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Welcome to my YouTube channel! I'm Tom Bilyeu and you're here because you believe that human potential is nearly limitless, but you know that having potential is not the same as actually doing something with it. So, our goal with this YouTube channel is to introduce you to the people and ideas that will help you actually execute on your dreams.

I drop new videos every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.
-On Mondays, I release a motivational video meant to inspire you all to take action. I’ll punch myself in the mouth if it’s all just empty motivation.
-On Tuesdays, I have a long-format interview with elite entrepreneurs, athletes, and more!
-Every other Thursday, I release our new show, Health Theory, where I interview the top health experts in their respective field and share those findings with you!

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  • Three cheers for Tom for being a model husband. Leading by example for his fellow man. What kind of husband dedicates himself to up-skilling to solve his wife's health concerns? Better yet, to do it successfully! Pleased to hear Lisa is on the road to recovery. I haven't experienced digestive issues, but I've had many close friends go through it and it's become a full time job to reach wellness. I'm really inspired by all of Impact Theory's content, but your relationship is really heart warming and you set the bar high. I need to watch Relationship Theory some time.

  • You are creating the path so you aren't following anything but questioning a few different directions to your destination which sounds like you've got that one locked in your human GPS! 🎸😎✌️🍷🌴

  • Just finished this and am gonna move on to listening to Principles while sketching. Thanks for the grit TOM. I’ll definitely listen to this one again at the gym later. Also caught the health theory and it reinforced some health/food tactics I’ve already been implementing.

  • tom thanks for advice and im probably gonna keep grinding and weather my grades stay the same or not ive realised im doing this for myself not grades or anything exterior and ive realised its starting to get easier than what it was a week ago probably because my minds used to adversity and yes im a teenager 14 years of age thanks so much keep up the good content

  • Here's a counter argument why rote memorization is required to excel in modern world from a guy who hated it at school. 1) You don't know, what you don't know, and then don't know to search for it. 2) Searching for it takes time, and if you constantly need to search the facts around the subject area you are using you are orders of magnitude slower than someone who remember said facts.
    3) If you remember something you have ability to combine it with something else, if you don't remember one or the other then you don't get ideas that combine those facts or concepts.
    4) Finally its the early part of skill acquisition where you need to remember the facts you need to utilize in actual skill use, and when you actually practice the skill those facts become so crystallized that it is your second nature. Not all skills are like that, but many skills that help you solve problems like: math, languages, programming, physics, economics each have components that you just need to remember to actually be useful at it in real world.

  • Get VERO, I have just been posting the photos from my Instagram onto Vero but it's obviously a different audience, and it's new eyes viewing what you do.
    Also, awesome answers and questions!

  • So what do you do with your spouse who just will not make the changes. Drinks way too much and about 200 lbs overweight? Trying to help for hard to say over 13 years!

  • Great stuff! I am doing a better job of taking more action. It's tricky to build momentum at first after a direction change. The old paradigm falls away as I build the new. Thanks IT team! btw, Tom, I thought of you while I was getting a tooth pulled and bone graft put in. No one likes having a tooth pulled, yet, I must say, it feels so much better now! Onward and upward!

  • great AMA episode as always, i always relate to one of the questions in one degree or an other and you really helped me a lot through my journey to gaining control over my mind thus my life, thank you for your unconditional services.

  • @Tom – Because you're already making so much content, I would switch up your output. So instead of the viro (spelling) content, I would do something similar to Tim Ferris' Friday BulletPoints. He goes into what he's reading, watching, purchasing etc. And it gives us his personal routines and insight in a journal set up. Which might be a nice way of participating more with your community. Be well, thanks for the amazing content.

  • This was great – as usual! I like your no bs answers and the way you say then very straight and truthfully and in an understanable manner 😀

    So I have a question (or two):
    I'm curious of whether you'll be hiring the comicbook artists during a long period of time? I mean like even after 3 years, 10 years? And if you take also foreigners & how many artists have you planned on hiring? Just one comic to start with or several? And during the process even more?

    It really interests me 😌

  • Woah Tom.. just put this together, it may help you pull people out of the matrix.. that question, "Will song lyrics like 'Bad at Love' harm my ability to think positive? – that artist (Halsey) has a YouTube channel where she posts behind the scenes footage and in that footage she speaks about hustle, positivity, gratitude, etc.. You probably understand where I'm going with this but it seems (maybe unintentionally) that she is pulling people out by first bringing them into her matrix! Woah.. my head just exploded.

  • You, sir, blow my mind every fucking time! Not being afraid to look stupid and build your ego with a learner mindset is just priceless. Also because of you I'm reading Incognito by Eagleman and next in line will be Principles. I respect you so fucking much.

  • Been reading about neuroplasticity. Changed what I focus on, read, and verbalize. Win/win. Love your info. I don't give a shit about comics, but I love art, so it may collide eventually. I would like to hear a talk about the results you guys decided to persue, based on the book Principles. Thank you!

  • I think that ur theories and belief system and growth mind set in comic book form and compared to existing comic books is a great idea. It would broaden ur audience and i know that my husband would be more willing to listen to u. I'm all for it!

  • You should do the Vero thing you spoke about giving different aspects of learning I said were i got all my knowledge from cartoons anime and always been a freak of comics context also didn't read comics book but was very into of marvel and DC cartoons my whole life

  • What about an AI or just an good learning algorithm that you can ask your question to and it perfectly puts together the answers from Tom. To 95% he is repeating himself over and over again, so there must be a better way to deal with that. Maybe you could use the index of your book as a guideline for this to work.

  • Hey Tom, have you any advice how to deal with negative emotions? I am really into personal development and have many days when I am happy with my life. But sometimes small things can make me feel very miserable. Instead of facing the pain, I try to distract myself and have problems sticking with my daily habits.

  • I am 36 and now discovering mindset growth and I am just thankful I am aware now and I have hope in my life and really believe I can and will get better. I can live the rest of my life full, full of growth and new experiences that I never thought possible! I raised my daughter on my own and had her at 19. Accomplished my bachelor's and professional growth but personal growth suffered. She is now almost 18 and I so proud she is amazing. I feel like the rest of my life has new meaning since my goal is becoming the best version of myself. Nobody should dwell on time or age. If we can see our progress now and always aim for full potential and not be stuck then it's all up from here!

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