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Fake news. It’s a term that has been haphazardly tossed around to point the finger at journalists who report with bias, websites that are designed to mislead and a general public that willingly shares and reshares content that may be patently false.

Today we welcome Ben Swann, Atlanta’s former CBS anchor, to the show to discuss the topic. He’s been independently producing news that gets noticed since 2013, and gives interesting insights to an America that you won’t see in the corporate press.

Then we’ll introduce you to Amplify Exchange, a commission-free cryptocurrency brokerage based out of Ireland.

Get ready to dive deep into the world of media and discover what it looks like from the inside. Warning: It’s not pretty. This is the NOT #FakeNews episode #383 of The Bad Crypto Podcast

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  1. How can you talk about fake news when u yourself spread bullshit. And wtf does it matter if your breathing in virus you are already producing. It all about protecting those that dont have it, ya clown.