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  • I just realized that I'm responsible only for myself. I always felt bad if some one I knew didn't do well. Even when it was their fault. I'm not doing that no more. I'm responsible only for myself

  • Hey random person scrolling through the comments, “you are loved” and you do “have a purpose,” but you’ll need to apply massive action to find out what that purpose is and how you’re going to reach your DESTINY. Don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself waiting for it to happen. Go out there and make it happen. Yes some days will be really bad but when you get through them remember to do this; wake up, look in the mirror and smile. You’ll get a little stronger every time. Soon you won’t even have to look in the mirror or smile because you’ll be that confident that you can get through any obstacles set forth in front of your path TO GREATNESS.

  • A couple of days ago I realized that my best friend I have done everything for over years just used me, and that I always excused her dark, dysfunctional behavior. Now it’s time to change

  • to anyone reading this I just wanted to wish you the best of look, you will achieve your goals, your dreams, your aspirations because you can do anything that you put your mind too. if you ever go into doubt and think that no-one will believe in you just remember the only person that needs to believe in you is yourself and also I believe in you.
    have a phenomenal day and go and seize it!

  • 8:21 who is that person looser than?

    Edit: clearly the bullies are insecure about their intelligence, hence the spelling error in that note. Don’t let the insignificant in your life be significant. Ignore the things that are negative, but at the same time, remember them and realize they needed to bring down someone better than them. And that someone is YOU

  • I am commenting to afford you the opportunity to search in order to find what you have scrolled for. Honestly though, initially I was almost annoyed listening to Tyrese in such length. But have found over time that the delivery could be more organized or choreographed better in the back ground. But what he is expressing is raw, real and uncut.

  • I was on the writing treadmill for 6 hours yesterday, my body hurts so bad sitting at the computer and my writing arms was weak. 🤣. I was thirsty and hungry and thank God my husband made dinner. Today I am sitting another 8 hours at my laptop, finalizing all three books today, mastering all my work, and starting a new project and submitting new work, and marketing. NOT ONE WRITER out working me today, period. 🤣

  • I know some people are listening to this and is not doing it. Who in the hell needs to be told 5 times to get rid of negative people. I did and never had to be told to. The thing is I realize there are insecurity issues, and narcissism that is making people keep negative people in their lives. I know several narcisssist people who keep people in their lives who don't really care about them but turn up with them. Narcissist are about thrills and feeling like they are somebody according to how many friends they have and what they have and when they don't have even frenemies or fancy things then they are depressed and they look for a pity party and use that as an excuse as to why they arent making things happen for themselves. Narcissist personality disorder is often behind why people make excuses why they don't do the work and keep negativity. It's all an excuse to make themselves belief that everything should go right in thier life without them having to do much work or do any cleaning. Narcissist believe in magic, and words don't match actions. Narcissist see the negative in everything and so do sociopaths. Personality disorders turn things to being negative. People will be made at my comment but I know diagnosed narcissist who do exactly what he said in the video and what I am saying.

  • I am making it happen for myself yet my story is horrific. I was in a family and foster home in which me and my siblings were beat for no reason and cursed at daily, and had to fight off rape attempts. I was abused as a teenager and forced to have sex by a guy and I was scared to tell anyone and it made me a very serious teenager. I tried to leave the guy and he beat up any guy I spoke to during our break up. I had to move and don't tell anyone where I loved. i was hated the most as a baby and did nothing to the people in my family, I was damn baby. I had grown ups telling me you are bastard kid I lost 3 babies (all died) my baby son was carried off as chunks of meat on a tray, my dead beat dad died in front of me without ever making closure with me, my mother died hours after telling me I was all she had on a phone call. I lost my baby on my birthday on a bathroom floor. I was homeless with my only child at no fault of mine, and sat on a park bench in my pajamas with my baby wondering where to live and I had to make her think we was just hanging out, cause she was a very smart child. I went from having the perfect life and marriage and child to homeless on the street. Three times I almost died and one time got to hospital in the nick of time. My body was shutting (even my heart) and I know it was for so many years of pain.
    I tried to kill myself 2 times and it didn't work and twice my husband saved my life. I went in for a check up at 8 months pregnant and was told your very ill and your baby boy is dieing. The doctor sent for a counselor to come in cause some women lose their mind hearing that so far along in pregnancy. I went into shock and went on drinking binges trying to kill myself. My husband found in me alleyways drunk out of my mind. I work up drinking alcohol. I drank so much and ate so badly when I had giving up that I almost killed myself and had several admissions in the hospital and surgery. I have cluster migranes now and go weeks with them sometime.
    This is only half of what I have gone through.
    I hope my story give you the courage to push on. People look in my eyes and say "you are a person that has felt alot of pain or see a lot of horrific stuff"
    Sometime I tell people just some of my life, and they start crying. I have suffered nightmares for years, and even had to be put on medication to sleep,YET I HAVE made myself a master writer with steady writing success.

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