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Wellness Pros: A Breakthrough in Red-Light Therapy is Also a Passive Income Source for You

A Patented Breakthrough in Wearable Health

"Light has a greater impact on health than air and water"

-- Andrew Huberman
Stanford University

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The Biggest Client Impact, Profit, and Support.

After 30 years selling health and wellness products direct to consumers and through wellness practices, I stumbled upon a breakthrough I didn’t see coming. 

It’s a total shift in how wellness is delivered and supported. 

It’s the power of light – the foundation of all matter. 

We’ve known for more than 40 years that in the light spectrum, red-light is especially helpful to the human body when applied to the skin and the blood consistently over time.  There are 3000 studies including many from NASA that show the long list of health benefits from repeated exposure to red-light. 

The challenge is that until now the red-light source had to be very large in order to penetrate this skin from a distance.  This is why you’ll see walls of red-light in some gyms and spas.  If you go too small, you won’t get the benefits. 

Until Now.

The Red-Light Therapy Mobile Band is a revolution in red-light therapy because the patented band generates two powerful red-light spectrums on the wrist at the right power to reach the blood without causing any discomfort to the user. 

What this means is that nutrients that are light activated can be boosted to create positive results that have never been seen before.

The research on red-light activated methylene blue is a great place to start. Fill in the form below if you’re interested in learning more.  


Tom Wood
Founder, MasteryTV

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A Unique Wearable

All the Benefits of Red Light Therapy in the Palm of Your Hand... er... Wrist!

My personal research has documented over 3000 peer-reviewed studies that show how light can have a powerful therapeutic effect. (See the last section for access.)

These studies have shown an impact on 

  • Brain health
  • Brain Injury
  • Cognitive Function
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Circulation
  • Blood Pressure
  • Genetics and Epigenetics
  • Eye Health
  • Alopecia
  • Kidney Health
  • Sleep (Melatonin Production)
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Cell Health (tumors)
  • Cell Energy (mitochondria)
  • and much more….

The Red Light Wearable Band was invented by the founder of a Medical Light Company and is manufactured in their high quality labs. The device uses the latest technology but is not classified as a medical device.  

This means we make no claims on any medical results you may achieve.

Each person will have a unique experience. 

If you’d like access to the compilation of studies, see the more info box below.

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Double Your Passive Income Retention

Nutritional supplements sold with the Red-Light Mobile Therapy Band have twice the retention of nutritional supplements sold without the device.

Double Your Retention

Supercharge Methylene Blue and Other Light-Activated Nutrients

There are nutrients, like Chlorophyll, ATP, and others that are activated by light.  Without light, they are less effective and sometimes not effective at all.

One light-activated nutrient, Methylene Blue, has been found to help in many issues much more effectively when exposed to light. 

This nano formulation of Methylene Blue enters the bloodstream quickly and is activated in the bloodstream by the Red Light Therapy Band.

Your blood takes 45 seconds to fully circulate throughout the body, so the Methylene Blue is activated by the Red Light Therapy Band 37.5 times during your thirty-minute session.   

A ground-breaking study published the results in 2020 with the title,

“Methylene blue may have a role in the treatment of COVID-19”

The study and the summary can be seen here.

In 1975, Light Activated Methylene Blue was studied as a therapy for Herpes Simplex, another viral infection you don’t want to have to deal with.

See the results here.

Until now, it wasn’t practical to use light therapy more than 3 times a week because the user would have to visit a facility and the cost could become prohibitive.

With the portable and wearable Red Light Therapy Band, it’s not only practical to activate nutrients with light, it’s simple, painless, and affordable.

This may soon become the standard process for taking supplements that have a light-activating element.

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What Makes the Difference

Never Before Possible Power, Placement, and Convenience

This little powerhouse sits on top of your arterial nerve on your inner wrist where the skin can be more easily penetrated at the frequency that is most beneficial to your wellness, recovery and repair. 

The red light diodes are so powerful that the device needs to pulse light from 4 separate places to keep your wrist cool and to properly expose the red light to your blood.

Your blood is circulated throughout your body 37.5 times every 30 minutes so the device will turn off automatically after a half hour when all your blood has been light activated.  

Imagine visiting a place 3x a day for a year paying $40/session to get the same exposure to wellness light that you get from this device, That’s what it would take to replicate what you can do with this band. 

This device is to the medical world what the PC was to the computer world.  Smaller and more accessible means…

Everything is about to change. 

Subscription Form for Red-Light Therapy

What People Are Saying

Real Reviews from Real People

Happy Camper

I bought the TheraLumen to increase my endurance while running and yoga. My 2 ½ year old daughter had an ear infection with a 103.5-degree fever. She was lethargic and shaking. My husband and I put her in the bathtub to bring down the temperature. That didn’t work, while I waited for the doctor to call in a prescription, I decided to put the TheraLumen on her wrist. After 20 minutes of the TheraLumen, to my surprise she was a happy little camper with a temperature of 97.8-degree. She was hungry and wanted to play peek a boo, her fever never returned.

— Amber Benson – Mom and althlete 

My Lungs Are Open

Using the NanoBlu and The Red Light Band has opened my lungs to the point where I am breathing normally again. Most people don’t believe it; however, it has helped me tremendously. Thank you, Gene, for inventing this.

– Lia Shay – ICU Nurse

I'm Totally Impressed

I had an infected tooth and was told by the dentist that it would require a root canal. I tried treating it with essential oils including clove and oregano and chlorine dioxide with DMSO. None of these treatments worked. So, I bought your Thera Lumen wrist LED device with the NanoBlu-liposomal methylene blue that you had at the show. I put the device partially in my mouth with the LED’s shining towards the tooth and gums. After using this for about 4 days the infection was completely gone. I am totally impressed. Thanks for saving my tooth and eliminating the pain.

Peter Lind – Electrician.

Skin Quality is Better

I wear my device x3 a day at intervals. So far, the quality of my skin is noticeably better and has been commented on a few times already! Doesn’t change wrinkles, of course, though I am starting to see plumper, but before that the surface quality is way better. Thank you again so much, what a luxury!

– Gene Benson – Hair Designer .

The Only Way She Can Sleep

Just passing on an update on how the Theralumen is working for my wife. She recently has had problems with her C2 vertebrae. She experiences severe headaches and burning sensations in her trapezius muscles, as well as numbness in her fingers and toes. The only thing that has helped her so far is the Theralumen. She uses it 3 times a day and right before bed. She places the Theralumen on her vertebrae and I believe the jugular vein. By the way, this is the only way she’s able to fall asleep. The second reason I’m writing is because I need one for myself!

-Ken Gallagher – Startup Executive.

Cutting Edge

Thank you! This is a cutting edge device I use every day. Five Stars.

– Shandra Levy. – Student 

A Trusted Source

'Who' Matters Just as Much as 'What'

When I’m purchasing a product for my health, I want to know as much as I can about the people, the companies, and the technology behind it.

The challenge is that most companies don’t make it easy to get those kinds of details. However, the companies behind the Red-Light Therapy Band were very open and transparent about everything I wanted to know so I’m sharing it with you here.

Advanced Light Devices (ALD) is a medical equipment company that invented the device and holds the patent. They have been selling larger, more expensive light-based devices to the medical industry for 24 years, but they don’t have experience selling to consumers and wellness professionals.

Gene Barnett is the Founder and Chief Technical Officer of ALD which has been selling healing light devices to medical professionals for more than 20 years.

Quantus Life was granted worldwide exclusive rights to sell the wearable device to consumers and alternative wellness groups because of the founders’ experience in selling to both the consumer market and the wellness market.

Robert Shockey is the CEO of Quantus Life and has 15 years of CMO experience in digital marketing, production, and sales, mostly in the wellness industry. 

I’ve personally known Rob Shockey for 5 years and I’ve known one of his investors for 27 years.  

It’s easy for me to put my reputation on the line and back these people because I know they value quality results from the products they sell above all else. 

Subscription Form for Red-Light Therapy

Robert Shockey, CEO, Quantus Life

Transparency Matters

MasteryTV Earns a Commission on Each Sale. You Can Too.

The products we recommend to you are based on three things:

  1. Effectiveness 
  2. Quality
  3. Affordability

We’re not shy about making money, but that is not part of the equation for us to recommend something to you. 

If a product we want to share has an affiliate program, we consider it a bonus and we openly reveal that we earn a commission.

Quantus Life doesn’t charge you to be an affiliate and you don’t have to be a proven company to join.

Quantus Life offers a 15% commission on devices you sell and if you refer an affiliate you earn a 5% commission on anything they sell.  

Enroll as an affiliate here.


Constructive Advice

How the Device Could Be Better

Nothing is perfect and it would be disingenuous for me to leave out the areas where this device could be improved.

First, the device is very light and could be easily broken if you’re not careful. I wouldn’t suggest working out with the band on. One wrong swing and the plastic feels like it would crack pretty easily.

Second, the pulsing light can be a distraction at first. Your wrist is going to light up like a Christmas Tree when you turn it on. If you look at the keyboard when you type as I do, it will take you a minute to get used to mesmerizing flashes of red light and the steady stream of blue light that indicates the battery level on the device.

Finally, the charge doesn’t make it through 3 full sessions. if you’re going to use it 3x per day for 30 minutes each as suggested, you’ll need to charge it after the second use. It’s not really a big deal, but it might be frustrating if you can’t find a USB outlet before your next session.

I’m really nitpicking here because none of these issues bother me at all. I put in on in the morning when I’m making breakfast, at noon before I break for lunch and after dinner when I’m either back at the keyboard, on the phone with a friend, or watching videos on my new favorite network that will be launching very soon.


There are things that could be improved but the positives outweigh the negatives by a mile.

Subscription Form for Red-Light Therapy


Subscription Form for Red-Light Therapy

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