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Let’s create the Help-Others industry, not the Self-Help industry.

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Simon Sinek Simon Sinek is an unshakable optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. Simon has devoted his life to help advance a vision of the world that does not yet exist; a world in which the vast majority of people wake up every single morning inspired, feel safe wherever they are and return home fulfilled at the end of the day. Every day is an opportunity to inspire someone. Official Simon Sinek brand account. Learn more at

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  1. So if millennials are the worst generation at relationships, which generation had the most successful relationships and marriages, bc I gotta tell ya, as a kid growing up in the 70's and 80's I was different from all of my friends in that I lived with both pf my parents.. All of my closest friends growing up came from broken families. I still think Mr Sinek is just a con man (ex marketing exec) who learned to cater to people preconceptions. Yeah, he throws in a lotta nice stuff about cellphone use and what not, but everyone morning news show does segments about cellphones at the table or too much screen time etc etc.. "Millennials are Bad" is the best click-bait ever and all of you fell for it hook, line and sinker.

  2. As a Gen-Xer, I love your millennial answer. I'm a fan of millennials and have been for a long time. Sure I come across the occasional petulent self-entitled millennial, but I come across them in ALL generations, particularly my own. I find millennials to be hard-working and hopeful. They want to make a contribution.

  3. Here is some constructive criticism: Millennials are the most educated generation in history, have lived through now 2 economic crises in their working lives, and had to pay several times more than Boomers did for school. Many need graduate degrees to do the same jobs our parents did with a bachelor’s degree or high school diploma. I, my wife, and my friends all work harder and longer hours than our parents did, and longer hours than our Gen X bosses did in the same roles only a decade ago. And that experience isn’t unique to me. Studies from the BLS and HBR show, empirically, that Millennials work more and take less vacation time than prior generations. I’m sure having more educated and harder-working subordinates makes older Americans uneasy, so, no doubt, there are “workplace issues” with these uppity Millennials! So my criticism would be to “start with why” and try to better understand the economic difficulties of the most slandered generation in recent history.

  4. But a lot of my stupid generation don't want to take personal responsibilities. 1. They don't know how.

    They want to keep blaming their parents. Some of us are nearing 40 and haven't grown up.

    We need to stop blaming our parents and start pointing the finger at ourselves.

  5. Brother you should research about Islamic view of life its all about making it priorty of helping others. Our prophet Hz Muhammed (sav) has a saying “He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while the neighbor to his side goes hungry.”

  6. Hi Simon,
    I have just moved from UK to Pakistan. In UK infiltration of whattsapp in hospitals is minimal.

    But in a new hospital which is being established, (the building is being constructed-although we have started our operations) all the administrative communication is happening on whattsapp! This brings new issues, people bragging about new state of the art operation they have done, everybody congratulating, etc. Likewise people expressing their dislike on a new policy that I introduced on whatssapp as if it is a facebook post! New notices of meetings or other notices come in, late in the night, etc expecting us to know and respond to it.

    Is this normal?

    And Most employees are now glued to their phones during working hours? I mean guard talking on phone while helping pt get in, etc.

    How can we re focus staff back from phones to work? Just allowing smoking breaks for them to get their ‘tech fix’

  7. I read an interview of an Army General (I don't remember his name) that leaders need all of the information, and followers, or foot soldiers do not. If the squad is a feint, knowing they are a feint causes them to behave different, so it's better they not know. From that an argument could be made that, if you have all of the information you are making decisions on your own and not based on someone else's filtered data, and you are therefore a leader. If you make your decisions based only on the filtered data, then you are following the one who is filtering the data. A Marine would still attack normally, even knowing it is a feint, to protect his fellow Marines. I think that's what makes the US Marines different from other services. I think we (at least for me) like Simon because he's giving us the data and helping us to fully understand it, thereby enabling us to be leaders in our lives, families, companies, and communities. That's pretty cool.

  8. You dunno how much the new generation is blamed in India, it is included in every textbook, we have to write how our generation sucks in every essays and nothing tells about the environment which is nearly the reason….If i have a chance, i'll share this idea as much as i can because i can't tolerate just writing blames about ma generation to pass ma exams……….it's not just me, literally thousands of thousands have the same experience…..