Moon Shot | Episode 6 | Cape Canaveral: Moon Express

When Naveen Jain moved from India to the U.S., he was a poor university student with an uncertain future and a hunch that anything is possible. Decades later, after becoming a successful Internet entrepreneur, he co-founded Moon Express to help find a solution to the world’s energy crisis.
Episode Six of Moon Shot, a documentary from Academy Award®-winning director Orlando von Einsiedel, Executive Producer J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot, Epic Digital Google and XPRIZE (). The Google Lunar XPRIZE is the largest prize competition of all time with a reward of $30 million and aims to incentivize entrepreneurs to create a new era of affordable access to the Moon and beyond, while inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers, and explorers.

This character-driven, emotional, awe-inspiring series of 9 short films will follow a selection of the teams currently racing to complete their missions. It will explore the lives of their charismatic, quirky members, the sacrifices they have made to get to where they are today, and crucially, what drives them on this incredible journey.

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Orlando von Einsiedel

Executive Producer
J.J. Abrams

Joshua Davis
Lindsey Weber
Joshuah Bearman
Andrew Lee

Jon Drever
Becca Perry
Ben Rosenblatt

Story Producer
Steven Leckart

Line Producer
Adam Mitchenall

Director of Photography
Franklin Dow

Katie Bryer
Andy Cardy
Rebecca Valente
Nathan Orloff

Patrick Jonsson

Production Managers
Sunny Dimitriadou
Elena Andreicheva
Josie Wicks

Camera Assistants
Will Hadley
Jamie Ackroyd
Naomi Hancock

Sound Recordist
Sara Lima

Assistant Editors
Youssef Bouhassis
Ailene Roberts
Laura Creecy

Post-Production Management
Amelia Franklin
Philip Hoang

Sal Sciortino

Juan Ignacio Cabrera

Conform Artist
Peter Amies

Sound Re-Recording Mixers
Lindsey Alvarez
Craig Henighan

Production Services
Grain Media

Visual Effects
Kelvin Optical, Inc.

Google Brand Marketing
Michael Tabtabai
Cameron Luby
Yasemin Denari Southworth
Ben Quesnel
Matt Hirst

Production Support
Mike Silver
Cory Bennett Lewis
Josh Tate
Morgan Dameron
Amir Mojarradi
Eboni Price
Kristofer Cross

Special Thanks
Chanda Gonzales-Mowrer
David Locke
Charles Scott
Robby Stambler
Matt Evans
Jesse Goldsmith
Chrysta Burton
Ali Lowndes
Diane Coote
Richard Jephcote
Nick Rowley
Alice Martineau
Kelly Vicars
Harry Spitzer
Natalie So
Naveen Jain

Daven Maharaj
Bob Richards
Tammy Stone

Juan Ortiz

Additional footage provided by:

Goddard Space Flight Center

Arizona State University

Moon Express
boscorelli /

PunyaFamily /
WorldNewsView /

Guido Amrein, Switzerland /

Rick Ray /

CV-stock /
Spotmatik Ltd /

tattoostock /

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Lunar XPRIZE This is the official channel of the Lunar XPRIZE. Welcome to the new space race.

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  1. you could also if you have the money attempt to position magnetic super cooled scoops to collect upwards of 1 gram of antimatter so that you do not have to use electricity to overcome the coolant barrier for achieving fusion and you could more simply use the heat energy produced when matter and antimatter annihilate to turn the He3 to plasma.

  2. >「ごく少量のヘリウム3でも 何世代にもわたって エネルギーを供給できます」

  3. I agree that he sounds very inspirational. When he starts states how his financial success wasn't important, what is more important is affecting people in a positive way…I'd like to believe. But his investors probably tell a different story:

    He's lucky that he didn't end up jail. He's more symbolic of the worst in American-style capitalism. Pump and dump and make a fortune. Leave the suckers holding the bag, hire a crack legal team to settle with the gov't and keep most of your ill-gotten gains.

    I for one won't be buying this mans moon dust.

  4. These episodes are completely boring! I love space and all that is going on. The point of this series is lost on me. If the aim is to excite the public about the google x prize, it is a complete flop! Get to the meat and don't fill each episode with flowers, and laughing children, and puffy clouds and birds and people's happy talk. Show the nuts and bolts! The back stories are a waste of time. Make it interesting.

  5. I was about to write a comment how they did not show the lander/rover or mention the launch plans.
    But then I saw a lander test, For half a second. In a 6 minute documentary. About a team whose purpose is to land a rover on the moon.
    More than half of the videos did not have even that, so yeah, good job.

  6. Ok, so now we know the human side of these teams. Bad Robot, Epic Digital, Google, XPRIZE: superb production! Also, please produce some episodes that show the technical marvels and imaginative solutions these teams are working on. The next generation of creators and innovators will be inspired not only by hearing about the diverse cultural background of the team members but by seeing amazing feats of engineering.

  7. Thank you so much, Sir, for inspiring people, here is a technology that affected to everyone's life on earth for the better, can you tell me, how I supposed to do te let people knowing this technology through the internet or google? I believe I tried every social media to promote this life-saving technology, and this is the only technology that can treat nuclear waste, where can I find humanitarians to working with me to promote this life-saving technology?