Money Management 101 – What They Should Have Taught Us in School

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Money Management is super important to understand and what they should have taught us in school, but what if you haven’t a clue about how to manage your money? Where do you start and how can you get ahead? I hope in this video, these simple tips can help you launch in a solid foundation of money management and personal finance.

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MJ Gordon I'm here to share one message with you and it's that YOU ARE worthy and capable of creating and living your best life possible. I truly believe Less is More and Energy is Everything. On this channel I share with you all the ways I learned to level up life through minimalism, healthy living, and self improvement so that you can have more time, energy, and freedom to live it on YOUR terms. 🌴❤️ ~MJ

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  1. Hey what’s good everybody I just want to hop on these comments here real quick and let you ladies/Gentlemen know I’m trying to get my channel name out there I’m brand new to YouTube I’ve never done this before. So I just want to reach out and put my channel in reach. I really hope that you all end up joining my following and I’m really excited to show you what’s going on in my life what I’m doing to create a financial freedom to show you that there’s ups and downs as long as you persevere and stick with it you’ll make it.

  2. This is really good advice! Not being taught how to manage your money is a really big factor in ending up broke. My parents (mostly my dad) bring and make a shit ton of money (IMO) yet we have debt and live from paycheck to paycheck. This was due to us sending half of it to family which weren’t even grateful for it and just felt entitled to their money. Not to mention they never really kept record of the things pay and such. Dispite being a teen I’m doing plenty of research to become my parents personal mini accountant as it’s hard for them since they don’t speak English! Thanks for sharing your tips!!

  3. Been able to manage money is a very important tool every individual needs to know about, I can remember how I struggled with debts a few months back till I got know more about investing and budgeting. Now thanks to the change in mindset am doing better and clearing off my debts.

  4. I am so in love with this channel. I am 40 years old and just started investing in stocks, bonds, and ETFs. I even started my IRA, and 401k with the help of my licensed trade analyst, I’ve been able to compound over $16k in profits from my trades.. It’s exciting, and I’m learning wish 25 year old me knew this stuff. Always look forward to your next content.

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