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Sports Illustrated calls Trevor Moawad “the world’s best brain trainer.” With an accolade like that, and a history of working with the world’s elite athletes, you might expect him to have some sort of fancy, highly-complex system. If so, your expectations would be wrong. Moawad keeps it simple and straight-forward, focusing on changing what people say, what they consume, and how they form habits. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Trevor Moawad discusses a realistic alternative to the trendy idea of positive thinking, explains the connection between what you say out loud and how your life turns out, and proves conclusively that, contrary to popular belief, your past does not predict your future.


Negative thinking is bad, but positive thinking doesn’t work all the time either [2:42]
It’s much easier to change what you say than it is to change what you think [7:07]
Trevor tells stories of how people talked negative outcomes into existence [8:26]
Tom and Trevor discuss Man’s Search for Meaning [12:13]
Everyone has messed up thoughts, but you don’t have to say it out loud [13:36]
Your past does not predict your future [15:48]
You have to ask: what do I want, why do I want it, and why don’t I have it [20:06]
If you watch 3 minutes of news it increases your chances of having a bad day by 27% [22:34]
Trevor explains why hope matters [23:21]
Trevor discusses why he says choice is an illusion [25:13]
Trevor shares the impact he wants to have on the world [30:12]


“If someone says something out loud, it’s ten times more powerful than if they think it.” [7:07]

“Negativity is a multiple of four to seven times more powerful than positivity. So think about that. If I say something out loud, it’s 10x. If it’s negative, it’s four to seven times more powerful. So when I say negative things out loud, it’s 40 to 70 times more likely that that will happen–or cause a result that won’t be good for me–than if I just didn’t say anything.” [7:21]

“If you say stupid sh*t out loud ultimately you’re predicting and perpetuating exactly what you don’t want to have happen.” [13:42]

“The past is real. But the only thing that makes it predictive is if my behavior stays the same.” [16:00]


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“It Takes What It Takes: How to Think Neutrally and Gain Control of Your Life”, Trevor Moawad https://amzn.to/32b7upH
“Man’s Search for Meaning”, Viktor Frankl @

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  1. I loved this speaker. Just incredible.
    A few years back, I told a close friend and even tried to explain it that choice is an illusion but he didn’t get it and I thought that it was better to just shut up !!!
    Thank you for this interview, Tom 🎁🌺🪔🌹