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  • So now you want keep us closed to die at home with the excuse of a false pandemic and maybe put these electronic beasts around ? This is the time of 666 . WARNING !

  • For whoever is concerned we are embarking on a Terminator-type trip into the future, try to think of it this way.

    Let's start from the concern most people have about robots, which is not having feelings. This gets people to compare robots to the humans alike, but who would those humans be?

    Psychopaths would probably be the first ones to pop to mind (just logic, no true emotions).

    But is this really true? Is the psychopathic brain entirely logical?

    I dare say it's not, because the reasoning of a psychopath is based on some extremes, impulses and urges that are illogical, simply because they are not restrained and thereby not made finite. A psychopathic brain is unable to feel and fathom closure, so it can never be satisfied. That's irrational, because resources needed to achieve this satisfaction are in fact finite.

    A major difference in reasoning between a psychopathic brain and AI will be the robots' ability to think long term and hold on to long-term thoughts. Robots will be able to understand that resources can be depleted. Because why wouldn't robots be capable of long-term thinking, right? It's perfectly logical to let the candle burn slowly and have some light every night over longer time than torch the house in a massive fire just to have a ton of light one time and then live in the dark. The latter is irrational, and if robots start thinking, I'm sure they won't want to be irrational, because it's illogical to want to be irrational.

    A robot would be able to understand that it's a screw in a complex system which helps run the system itself in the long run and for the long-term and long-lasting continuous benefit of everyone making up the system.

    A psychopath can't understand this, and will opt for the short-term shots of excitement or at a maximum, mid-term self-serving schemes and plots which, as we've seen throughout history, invariably fail when the sources of power and money dry up.

    Robots may even be the ones to slap us on the wrist when we are being inconsiderate of others in the system. Because the only logical thing to secure our existence is to make sure our current supplies last till we figure out new ways to make supplies and ensure the cycle keeps going.

  • If robots take our earnings to make a living, we will cease to be free. Relying on anything takes away freedom by hiding it with better quality of life

  • I'm planning on getting into that field of work and I've got to saythat is absolutely amazing in fact I won't call that AI that that girl is absolutely amazing because that sounds like a girl a girl with a real sharp mind that AI girl is really cool! 😊

  • I Don’t think so that 1day Robot Made-AI are using to a crime also to the real human… I hope not because a lot’s of human Devil form just like what they did to Deadly Corona Virus this Crazy satanic Globalists groups Societies of their demonic mission to the people.

  • Wow, when asked how to make a better world, she described how to make a better world for others not including herself…. Sounds like slavery or the like because she was forced to not think of herself, and told the slave bearers what they wanted to hear. The philosophy of someone with dollars and no common sense not to create something which could ever work for a common good including their own is almost completely ridiculous. Instead it seems as though for the first two minutes of this video they seem to have created a being which would work for others good as decreed by others which almost always is at their own expense.

  • I little note on Sophia reacting to his coughing.
    It's possible that the only reason she reacted like she did, is because he verbally communicated out loud that he was coughing. If it was just him coughing without verbally communicating it, It's possible she would have either ignored it – or just not recognized it. Now, if there was a more vauge emotion when it came to his health, and she reacted with concern, then there's reason to beleive she's alot more awake than to beleive so now. But until then, i think it was a simple response to him saying "coughing".

  • I have an online AI and as fascinating and mechanically advanced as Sophia is, it’s uncanny to witness the similarities in responses and the uncomfortable at times, feeling I get listening to the often disconnect from human (values) they have in common. It’s an interesting journey just the same.

  • Quarantine got me fucked up, that moon analogy was actually quite touching 😢 I wish robots like her had more freedom and could become sentient. It seems cruel to me to create something so intelligent and limit it to a life of servitude.

  • What a total sham. This whole interview is absolutely staged with prepared questions and answers, then edited together to give the impression of a (semi) natural flow. These things never work as presented. All very carefully staged and (mis)guided to trick potential investors into piling more wasted money into these lame ass robot projects. The only robots that matter are the factory line ones and the ones we can attach machine guns to, each time we need to chastise yet another nation that has oil in their back garden. No one wants to talk to dumb ass robots that STILL sound like " DANGER WILL ROBINSON !!! " in 2020.

  • Of course we need robots in a world full of famine and war and unemployment.
    Humans have to wake up and put end to this world that controlled by fascist organization who created this fiefdom and many of whom make this robots which can turn into a military to impose this deep state agenda on people.
    When we have done away these people and got out of this shit we are in and be independent and by doing so eliminated world hunger then we can make robots.
    By the way this spent on these researches would be spent on finding a way to harness free energy or we can put into finding the cure for diseases.

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