MasteryTV 3.0

MasteryTV 3.0

You Deserve Freedom

Since November 2004 we’ve been on a mission to help people find freedom. MasteryTV has been helping entrepreneurs and people who feel trapped by their situation to develop the skills, and the knowledge they need to breakout and live a better life.

And now we’re taking it to the next level.

We still have the videos for

  • skills,
  • knowledge, and
  • motivation,

and we’ve added tools to

  • make it easier for you to build your brand,
  • create leads,
  • automate your marketing through funnels
  • communicate with leads through text, email, and more
  • automatically manage your calendar and send you alerts so you never miss an appointment, and
  • duplicate all of this for your team.

Here’s how we did it.

We’ve Turned the Network Over to You

We’ve been in charge of our our original and curated content for 16 years, and now we’re giving you the power to create, rate, and organize your site.

A New Membership

Register for free and add your own videos

Premium Videos

Members enjoy Premium Channels, Playlists, and Series with content built for the entrepreneur and entrepreneurial thinkers.

Create Your Own Channels

Create channels of videos with topics that are important to you. Share them and get recognized when your viewership reaches new levels.

Your Own Playlists

Want to mix and mash videos with different topics or with a story to tell? Create Playlists and share your creative force.

And, Yeah, There’s More

That is just the beginning of what we’ve created for you and your team to use at no charge. Here’s more:

We Promote You

When you register as a Promoter and share MasteryTV videos with your unique link, visitors will see your name and photo or logo on every page.

Free Leads

When visitors subscribe to MasteryTV, or fill out a form on a lead page, we send emails to them promoting you, and we ask permission from them to receive texts and emails from you.

Better Leads

These leads aren’t like other leads you can get, because a) they are people interested in improving their life or becoming better entrepreneurs, b) they are already familiar with you, c) they have started to develop a sense of trust with you, and 4) they are free – we don’t charge you for the system or for the leads.

Instantly Duplicated

When a system is easy, effective, and free, it is duplicatable. Everyone on your team can get their unique link and free leads too.

How Can This Be Free?

Well, this is free because it’s not the best part of what we’ve created to help you and your business grow.

There’s Even More

This is just the beginning of what you can do with the new MasteryTV, but we don’t want to overwhelm you with too much, to early.


A mentor of mine once said, “You become a combination of the five people you spend the most time with. Your income, sense of humor, character and habits are probably pretty close to theirs.”

To have a better life, you’ve got to spend more time with people who have the life you want. The poorest people living in the slums around the world, have no chance of improving unless they spend time with the people who live outside of the slums. The same goes for us. The lifestyle we live only gets better if we spend time with people

A Revolutionary Way for Entrepreneurs to Create Free Leads

How many people on your team would like free leads?


This is Tom Wood.

I’d like to start out by asking you a personal question. Are you ok with that?

Well, if you’re still reading, you’re either ok with it or just curious about what I’m going to ask.

Don’t worry, the question isn’t about your money, your relationships, or the things you did in college. What I’d like to know is

“What are your dreams?”

Not your nightdreams or daydreams, the dreams you have for your future.

What do you see, hear, feel when you think about the future you want to have? A future you can fall in love with.



This is Tom Wood. In November, 2004 a small group of crazy, motivated, ambitious entrepreneurs started launched the first Internet TV network for entrepreneurs. Actually, we were almost the first Internet TV network, period.

We launched 2 years before YouTube launched.