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What is a Massively Transformative Purpose, and why is it important? In this video, Peter uncovers the attributes of an MTP and shares some of the best MTPs he’s found. For more videos like this visit:

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Peter H. Diamandis Peter H. Diamandis is the co-author of the best-selling book "Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think" and a speaker, engineer, physician and entrepreneur best known for being the founder and chairman of the X PRIZE Foundation and the co-founder and chairman of Singularity University.

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  1. Your MPT : The transformation of humanity on and OFF the Earth Peter, now that's inspiring! Thank you for stepping up and into this MPT vision and asking others to step up and into discovering and activating their MPT as well. From Global Citizens to Cosmic Citizens may these visions, actions and inspirations guide our species to our highest calling in an Abundant Universe teeming with all we need to make it happen!

  2. MTP To create a Graphite Mines with our 100 million ton deposit. We want to supply graphite and create graphene for Supercapacitors and Graphene Paints, for making a better world. Just amazing what is coming, in the Graphite Industry. 🙂

  3. Peter I am in contact with microsoft research and Professor Gregory Austin at University of New South Wales in Australia who is with Cybersecurity. Militarily "the Hoody" is informed, he is aware of the Submarine, Aircraft Carrier, Space Craft Mothership in one design being R&D with the zero matrix Quantum Mechanical 'Superposition Mirror effect' thru the eleven alignment which provides proof of symmetry (of right and left sides of a sensor array linked to the ZM) This may have application to the human brain. The neural Net.

  4. When God wants something done, He always gives it to one person to do – a Moses, a Peter, a Paul, a David, a Gideon, a Mary. Had you noticed?

    One person, committed to a goal, is all God needs to change the world. He's done it many times. And if history turns many more pages, He'll surely do it again. At the very least, you and God together can change your world!
    -Richard Gaylord Briley

  5. I Truly believe that the combination, infusion, encapsulation of Carbon nanofiber with Helium will transform all manner of transportation. I do hope that someone will pick this up and run with it.

  6. I feel so inspired watching your videos Peter. I know what my MTP is and seriously believe it could be a billion dollar company that transforms the world. Hard to get started though when I have a comfortable job, decent salary, and life's regular chores 🙁

  7. Hi Peter, really nice video, thank you. I am wondering a bit regarding MTP and the word "vision"; would you say they are similar or do they differ in any specific way? I am trying to figure out the meaning (to myself) of words like MTP, vision, mission, strategy (personal and corporation) and all these vids and comments are really helping me clear things out. 🙂