Low impact cardio workout for ALL fitness levels – no equipment, at home!

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At home cardio workout with Team Body Project, Daniel and Alexandra Bartlett. Includes warm up and cool down.

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Body Project High energy, motivating workouts to do from home. We created Team Body Project to share our passion for exercise and excellent movement with others who want to feel good about their body and experience great health. https://teambodyproject.com Our holistic exercise programme includes HIIT cardio, resistance training, pilates and yoga.

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  1. I followed you guys in May I believe. I started my weight loss since than. I was 171 lbs approx. I was too shy to stand on the scale steadily to see the number. Now I am 135 lbs. With all the confidence and clearly better taste on clothes. Thank you for changing me. Hope you can read this. You guys means a lot to me. I will keep working. Cause my cholesterol level and body fat is still high. I am 5'3 btw.

  2. Ive always enjoyed working out until I began having trouble with my knees. A coworker friend shared your workouts with me and I’m so thankful! Thank you both so much! And Daniel, my husband says you are the most encouraging trainer he has ever seen and you almost make him want to join me in the workout. 😁

  3. Our family of four just moved to China for work (international teachers). We have a mandatory 2-week quarantine in a hotel, in 2 separate rooms, and we are doing this workout together via video call every day. Thanks for the inspiration and the ideal workout for quarantine!

  4. Daniel! that underestimated speech you make at the end is the reward I get for finishing the whole workout. It is like I am personally sharing this small accomplishment with you (which nobody else cares about from my friends and family) but these acknowledgment words in the end, I tell you, I feel like a child who made his parent proud. 🙂
    Alex, you are who I want to be as a woman.