Life Purpose – The Thrill of Creative Contribution

I’m finally able to articulate the thrill and power of creative contribution, and how you can get it by committing to find your life purpose.

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  1. I think that looking for life purpose is a concept that society put in our head. Living itself is the purpose, the problem is we miss 90% of the time out of the present, our awareness is low, we think more than ย we feel, we got a gift in front of us, instead of appreciating it we complicate things. Doing something meaningful and fulfilling in your life is only a subjective shit. You can get satisfied by simply giving yor love or compassion to other humans. And you may get involved in a complicate creative project that leave your fingerprint in the world but feel void and miserable.

  2. I remember two years ago, I made a mod for Skyrim (a small one, mind you, nothing on the scale of Lost Spires, which was amazing btw) and I had the exact feeling of creative accomplishment you described in this video; which to this day I am still trying to emulate. Your video helped put into words that feeling and how I can achieve that same feeling again
    Thanks for sharing your story Leo ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Loved hearing more about how you got to where you are. I'm a little older than you Leo, but I can relate to all of what you said, and the more of your videos I watch, I notice that you remind me a lot of myself. I notice that I grab the concepts in your videos very easily, and and personal development has become a second hobby to me now because I find it so interesting.

    I'm a little bit of a gamer myself and when I was younger I always wanted to get into game development(until I learned how rough that industry is). I had always loved cars though and is actually my #1 passion now. Not in a superficial "my car is cooler than yours" sort of way, but from an artistic design and engineering standpoint. Even when driving I think about everything that has to happen simultaneously in the vehicle while driving down the road and think about how it's a miracle that it works at all. I've built my own models from scratch since I was little and still do to this day. I make them as detailed as I can from the inner workings of the engine to suspensions, etc. which takes years to make and essentially look real when they're done. I had a website at one time displaying them, and it was great hearing (most)all of the comments from people. I was told by some people that I inspired them in their own work. Now I make 3D CAD models and I have uploaded one to a site called and the comments from people invoke some of that same feeling (go to that site and type in LS3 engine block for anyone interested) I know exactly what you're talking about with that feeling you get and you're right, it is indescribable. I'm a Mechanical Designer by trade and occasionally get that feeling if I have a good idea that drastically improves something. I still think life coaching would give the ultimate thrill, so that is kind of the path I want to head down. I can't imagine any kind of drug giving a greater high than that. I've said this before, but thanks for all of your hard work.

  4. Dear Leo,
    Thank you for your Great Videos !!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I'm working and studing Personal Fitness Trainer, but my heart beats for Design/Fashion. I already made my own patent + Website in this buisness ( but no Money because i have not enough Time for 2Jobs)

    My question is: financial security as a Personal Trainer or make my dreams real with my own Design/Fashion buisness ( no financial security ) ?
    Or Option 3:
    First studing and get Financial Security as Personal Trainer ( took 2 years ) and after that do my own buisness ?

    By the way i'm 21 and had the best feeling in my life with 18 as i sold my own clothes.

    Thank You Leo, You're the Best!!!
    Best wishes from Germany

  5. Thanks Leo for for helping me realize my enlightenment experiences – the phenomenal and non-phenomenal (no-self). I do want to write about it in my life purpose in a way that only those who are ready could understand – just like the ox herding pics. Pls continue to do great work.

  6. Hi Leo, I am Vivek from India. I am 24, and in my final year of college. I am pursuing a Masters degree in Physics. As a hobby, I run half-marathons. I really like your work. Your approach is very scientific. I have a specific question to you: isn't there a fine line between creative contribution and social impact?
    Let me give you an example:
    I trained 3 kids in my college in long-distance running, and they went from: "I can't run 3K" to completing their first half-marathon, and even though it is just 3 people, I have changed their lives, and I feel good about it! This is my example of social impact without creativity.
    I felt like I have some unique talent of making connections where there seem to be none! and in order to express my creativity, I wrote articles connecting an aspect of life, a concept of physics, and sports. Then I shared it with the world, in order to feel happy! When people derived joy from my creation, it felt good! This is my example of creative contribution with social impact.
    From the above example, it appears as if activties involving social impact need not require creativity. I would like your expert opinion on this confusion I have. And btw, Leo, I really love your work! It is great to see the scientific method of analysis applied to problems that really MATTER! Just keep fucking putting out your videos! I am learning so much from YOU! Thanks Leo!

  7. I'm lucky enough to have become sick from stress and depression. My doctor signed me off as unfit for work and the government pay me enough to survive. The good part about that is, I am able to spend time working on my own projects when I'm not too ill to sit at my computer. the progress isn't super fast, but I am getting near to completing my own little game.
    I have always been good at analysis the same as you Leo, I think it really fits into the game design role quite well. I am also a dabbler in self help and coaching. I've helped a few people in the past with some life troubles, so I am planning on doing some coaching for free on some evenings.At the end of the day, it's just sitting in the cafe with somebody asking them questions. I'm not being paid so I shouldn't get stressed out too much by any pressure.