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  • am also break uped 2 weeks before,the reason is she didnt getting the feeling after 1 year relation f***
    but now i understood if she want away from me let them go
    eveeryone want to realise its all our mistake ,we only give the way
    but dont give a gap fucking twice
    its all our mistakes,beleive in that
    every break up is a wake up ,dont give too much stress for that u should move forward with best and best life 😊

  • Deja el pasado atrás para que puedas enfocarte en tu futuro.
    Deja que muera el pasado para que puedas vivir completamente, ahora.

    Debes dejar ir el dolor del pasado, tu lucha, tu historia. No porque no haya sido importante, sino porque tu futuro, tu vida son más importantes.

    Lo ves, tu no puedes cambiar tu pasado. El remordimiento nunca te va a poner donde quieres estar.
    Aferrarte a algo que ya paso, que no puedes cambiar es locura.
    Déjalo ir, para que puedas vivir.

    Mira, yo podría enfocarme en todo lo que estaba mal en mi vida. Podría haber jugado a ser la víctima. Tenía todo el derecho de maldecir al mundo por ponerme en esta situación. Por ponerme en este vecindario
    ¿Por qué apenas me alcanza y otros estaban viviendo lujos?
    ¿Por qué yo debería sufrir y otros vivían felices?
    ¿Por qué yo debería vivir en la calle cuando otros tenían asegurado el techo sobre sus cabezas?

    Pero yo creo que yo necesitaba ver todo eso, pasar por todo eso, para ser el ser humano que soy el día de hoy.

    Yo escojo que no me definan mis circunstancias pero que me defina mi actitud hacia vencer mis circunstancias. Que me defina mi habilidad de sobreponerme. Sobreponerme a generaciones de limitaciones y carencias. Sobreponerme a la falta de ambición que me rodea. Sobreponerme a la negatividad. Sobreponerme a todo.

    Lo miras, yo creo que la vida sólo nos da lo que tenemos la fuerza de superar. Yo creo que la vida sólo nos da lo que necesitamos para hacernos fuertes.

    El dolor por el que he pasado, la lucha por la que he pasado. Era todo necesario para estar aquí el día de hoy.
    No puedes ayudar a otros que están tocando fondo, en lo más bajo, si no has estado ahí tu mismo.

    No puedes tener coraje si no has tenido que pelear a través de tus miedos.
    No puedes tener fuerza si no has tenido que levantarte una y otra vez de cuando la vida te pone en el suelo.
    No puedes tener compasión sin sufrir.
    No puedes ayudar a otros si no te has sentido sin nadie que te ayude.

    Yo escojo dejar mi pasado atrás, decidi que mi futuro es más importante que aferrarme, más importante que decir ¿por qué a mi?

    ¿Por qué yo?
    Yo digo, retame!

    La vida me puso a prueba y yo gané, la vida estará de vuelta, la vida me pondrá a prueba otra vez. Pero ahora yo se que tengo la fuerza para superarla.

    No puedes escribir el siguiente capítulo de tu vida si te mantienes siempre leyendo el primero.
    El primero no es tan bueno comparado a los demás.

    Tu eres el autor de tu historia, no dejes que otros agarren la pluma. No dejes que el pasado publiqué tu libro. ESTA ES TU HISTORIA!
    Se valiente cuando escribes tu historia, sueña en grande. Tienes que saber que eres FUERTE. Mucho más fuerte de lo que tu misma piensas.

    DEJA EL PASADO ATRÁS. Haz tus planes ahora.
    Deja la oscuridad de tu pasado atrás para que puedas concentrarte en dejar entrar la luz de tu futuro. Tu brillante futuro.

    Querido pasado:
    Gracias por las lecciones.
    Gracias por hacerme quien soy el día de hoy.

    Querido futuro:

  • But why you are screaming! I have depression and I couldn't keep watching, and the music is outloud ; can you do your vedeos in a different way please, Thank you

  • Nice ,
    I want you to help people, I want 1000 subscribers, because I want to see and share my thoughts, because I think anyone who has any talent, show the world, that's all I will say. , I need that with you please please.

  • Great motivational speech! But you see, society will forever condemn a man because of his past! Jobs will not hire an ex-con for their own safety or security reasons! Murders will always be remembered for what they have done and even if some were able to change…finally get it right…to make a better future for themselves;their family…the people who remember the persons crimes will taunt them! Sex offenders will forever remain a blight on this world! Drug addicts who have cleaned up their act will fall into that sinful nature cause its comfortable and familiar to them! A person may truly be able to change from their old life of mistakes, and may have been doing well for years…but the corruption of society by the media and governments will still see and only recognize the bad person they once were! I know some people who can't get jobs cause of their criminal past…10-15 years ago and are on government assistance programs cause of this! So yeah….great speech! But to know someone and what they go through on a daily basis, LIVE IN THEIR SHOES! Then when society trips you…let's see how long it takes you to get up the first time…and every time after that? But never mind my comment cause I'm probably wrong anyway…the world is full of smart people and even they too have problems…and history with skeletons in their closet! But you will never know for sure! Or will you?

  • Just subscribed…perhaps through some of your videos I might be able change the mind of someone I know….who want to quit! Making the world a better place one baby step at a time!

  • I had this on loop …………. I needed this …. THANK YOU …. why do I cry every time I hear this ? ….. kicks me back to reality … NOW NOW NOW … LOOK FORWARD please.

  • Waow!!! Wht a msg!! After watching this I died for the past, I died for the people whom I loved the most and now I'm totally living happy and focusing on achieving my goal… Dear frds one thg that all of us should understand is that the only person who truly cares us, the only person who really loves us is we ourselves.. we must love ourselves, we must care ourselves, we must satisfy the basic needs and the one duty that everybody should do is, we must help the ppl who are in need and should see the smile on their faces. God has given us everything, good vision, good body, good health, three time food and all the basic needs.. wht do we want more than that? There are crores of ppl with disabilities, homeless, some with low wages, and some with no food at all. So our main duty should be searching the ppl who are in need of our help and helping how much we can… Give food for the ppl who are hungry, who work physically outside from mrg till evg… spend some money for good things instead of wasting it with party or that things and also plant more trees…

  • Amen i find myself having to sort threw my past,because I was not present in it.
    The most important key in life was missing in my past therefore I was living but not Alive.
    I have others throwing up my past at times in a sarcastic and subtle way.
    I can relate to the part in this sermon that I did not place myself in this situation and I could be mad at the world.
    Because all my life I walked around spiritually lame and it shined threw on the outside.
    And I just don't understand how those that new me and said they believe in God could see me walk around in the condition I was in damn there most of my life.
    My experience since coming to Christ has been testifying to others about were the real power source and everything else you need is.
    I can't understand how anyone can taste the goodness of the Lord and watch another crippled,confused,broken and lost and hold on to the Bible as if they are a witness to God but don't set the captive free.
    But wait to all hell breaks loose.

  • Think of life as a rope on fire that is being burnt from the left to the right,the burnt part of the rope that is increasing is your past.
    It is done,it can never be relived again.
    This also puts into perspective how short life is,if you focus on the burnt part of the rope you will waste a lot of the intact rope until the entire rope gets burnt,that being death.
    Moral of the story,don’t waste time ruminating over the past because the present is the currency being wasted to think of the past.

  • Thank you so much Team Fearless making me stronger ever and ever and more and, even more. I was surfing through the internet to find a best video that helps me to get myself up and finally I found, that is "Team Fearless".

  • Why do Americans have to be so dramatic and over the top it does your head in why does he feel the need to shout?. "why the dramatic music?. What a load of shite!.

  • Great speech, great attitude. Reminded me of the idea of "Arbol rojo" by Martin G Spataro, to whom I got randomly on Youtube (and still can´t believe why it isn't popular yet): There's this guy walking barefoot, dressed in a suit, dragging a supermarket trolley all around the town, seeking for a way out or something, all the time kind of determined to go for something transcendental, or so I interpreted. After letting go of the empty trolley itself, he finally finds out that his dream, goal, whatever (shown as a red tree, "arbol rojo"), can be easily reached by simply walking free, after a train passes by in reverse, like a metaphor of the whole big machine of social life and routines, or the past itself too. Well, just to say that I felt actually touched by that video, by the idea it is able to communicate in only a couple of minutes. Highly recommended. Shockingly unpopular too.

  • PAST TEACH US WHO IS STANDING FOR U…AM THANKFUL TO PAST…I had learn a lot with the past. The past is your teacher. Never take revenge who had hurt you in the past BELIEVE IN KARMA. Just believe in yourself yourself .keep moving forward to future.stand alone u can do it by urself.

  • My pass was terrible that I blessed it Because of The past made me realize the future was beautiful ahead of me it’s been six years that I’ve seen who I was and I’ve learned a lot from the past never gonna let it pass bring me down because the future is more brighter And beautiful love being myself I’ve learned a lot and it’s time for me to be happy and shine like a diamond because that’s who I am I love myself too much now moving your head I am strong and I found myself 💋🌈

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