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This video will give you 7 obvious signs that you have experienced a kundalini awakening, and by definition have activated your once dormant, kundalini energy.

Activating your kundalini is about the most profound thing anyone could do because the kundalini will eventually guide you to your true, core, authentic self.

You will have the opportunity to walk through life, fully connected to your spirit-self, once the spiritual awakening has been completed.

The awakening process itself can be quite daunting however… I have dedicated this youtube channel for assisting anyone experiencing the spiritual awakening process or anything else kundalini related…
Enjoy 🙂

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About The Author

Victor Oddo The purpose of this channel is to empower and help awakening souls through the challenges of the awakening process and transition into 4th density.

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Comment (932)

  1. HELLO 👋🤚👋🤚🙏🙏🙏 HEEEEELLLLPPPP. 😹😿😢Victor. Man. I’m whooped. I’m can’t even begin to express my gratitude 🙏 in finding YOU. Finally all this searching has bore fruit. TWENTY TWO YEARS MAN. TWO DECADES I have been looking and looking for any helpful information. My experiences are almost identical.
    Does this sound familiar?
    1) Helmet Head.
    2) Fishbowl Head
    3) Best I can describe is a CONSTANT churning of ???A “Pressure Differential”
    4) my tongue 👅 🧙🏻🙇🏼‍♂️🔑🗝🎎▪️🔫💸sticks to the roof of my mouth

  2. Don't even try to awaken your Kundalini guys , it's a trap to a miserable existence . Just keep believing in the Lord and value being alive , and don't try to achieve more than what you are . What God intended us to be is enough , things like your health and your families health are most important . When you stay to the bible and the 10 commandments and stay away from the 7 sins we're building our resumes for heaven guys . Also, if you question God our creator there's no need to question he loves us and wants the best for us . Just look at the Sunrise every morning and the Moon at night who put the sun and moon up in the sky ? Was it man that did it . No those are things that could've only been accomplished by our creator , so there it goes to show proof that he indeed does exist . He can't intervene in our affairs all the time so we sometimes question him , but that's why he gave us free will because it's up to us to live the right way. To decide the right path and make our own decisions for growth or destruction . Think of it this way if all there was, was destruction then there would be nothing left . That's why there always has to be a balance so we don't over fish the rivers and streams and we don't burn down all the wood in the forests . Furthermore your 7 chakras have been sealed by God until our time of death and we're ready to leave this realm . That energy you feel going up your spine in Kundalini yoga isn't your own energy it's you becoming possessed by a jinn because you opened yourself to the astral plain . You're the dummy that opened that portal/ connection and it's not like a phone call where you can just hang up when you're finished connecting , that entity might hang around in you for years .

  3. I GET THAT ZINGY ENERGY ..omg. Omg omg it’s crazy..I find myself stretching towards the sun and pulsing with ..joy! Then I get tired ..very tired. I’m just in the middle of watching this video and I’m dead curious if you’ll mention what bought me to you and the whole kundalini thingy this evening. Ive got a strange..oh there’s a bug crawling on me..but there isn’t really…and ironically today got delivery of all this bug killing stuff! Anyhoo…back to the video. Thanks
    And also.. believe this or not. Some girl from meeting two years ago emailed about buying my tiles and asks if I’m still filled with joy?! But…I used to be quite miserable then ..confused but pleased.

  4. Brilliant…just brilliant. Powerful. I didn’t understand what all these changes were..high highs and solitary thinking and chilling periods were all about. Menopause I thought. Then one day I thought..if I’m stepping out today or any day..I will be happy I radiate lately. But the thing is that …why? What’s the purpose..is it just a buzz that’ll fizzle out. But it hasn’t because. I know now..I have to now help I have to now live to help. Thank you. So forceful. Thank you