Joe Rogan Experience #1536 – Edward Snowden

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Former CIA contractor turned whistleblower Edward Snowden shocked the world when he revealed the misdeeds of the US intelligence community and its allies. Now living in Russia, he is a noted privacy advocate and author who serves as president of the Freedom of the Press Foundation. His book, Permanent Record, is now available in paperback from Henry Holt and Company.

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  1. I think the thing about the working class funding the most vulnerable is that the version we have it already is being taken advantage of, which then screws over people who actually need it. There is a lot of issue with all these types of things. I think before we jump into something like that we need to fix how the current welfare system works.

  2. If you think Snowden deserves to be prosecuted, you're saying the Government should be able to invade our lives whenever they want, however they want. Most ppl who believe this, listen to ghouls on TV, and are too lazy to find out what the actual truth is. Fuckin weak sheep assholes.

  3. Jan Irvin was right about Joe Rogan. Look at this sell out, deflecting the police problem pretending that Qualified Immunity doesn't exist. All the cops that killed George Floyd are all walking free, they didn't even have to pay bond. It took burning entire cities for those domestic terrorists for be arrested, before they were set free. Jan Irvin is right about this cop apologist