Joe Rogan Experience #1225 – Theo Von

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Theo Von is a stand-up comedian, television personality, host, and actor. Check out his podcast called “This Past Weekend”& “The King & The Sting” with Brendan Schaub both available on iTunes & YouTube.

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  1. 2:39:55 I completely understand letting the robot flip burgers especially if it’s better than a human. The only thing is…the town where I’m from has high school kids mostly working fast food and they are kids that don’t have a great home life and are trying to get out or they’re just a kid trying to hustle and build a work ethic. It’s not all kids though either. That robot would take food off of peoples tables. It would be coo if Disney World or Universal studios had an all robot restaurant but when it comes to the real world, people need those jobs that people see as small or insignificant because that’s all they have. Robots are coo but they may also be a burden to actual humans.