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Want to learn the top 4 energy techniques that make instantly integrating your physical and spiritual energies easy? Sign up for this FREE Masterclass on guided meditation by the world’s foremost duality-inspired energy healer, Jeffrey Allen 👉

Are you living according to your life’s true purpose? Do you love and trust yourself enough to do what’s best for you? If so, then you’re probably tuned into the spiritual aspect of your physical self more than you realize.

In this 75-minute masterclass, Jeffrey Allen takes you on a journey to discover your non-physical self through healing meditation. In doing so, he teaches you how to tune into your spiritual energy to empower your physical world and live in duality — which means attracting more wealth, health, love, clarity, and overall inner peace.

You will learn the following as part of your personal guided meditation spirit guide:

– How to leverage energy healing and transform any aspect of your life
– Guided meditation in 10 minutes
– Effective communication skills
– Four of the most powerful, effective energy healing techniques
– How to easily access answers from your intuition
– How to clear your #1 energy block (in only 7 minutes)
– Your next best step in life
– And so much more!

Along with guided meditation in healing, there is also meditation for depression that can improve your spiritual growth. When you incorporate healing meditation guided by Jeffery Allen you release past trauma and bad habits out of your life.

Want to learn how to practice mindfulness? Discover guided meditation and the benefits of meditation in Jeffery Allen’s FREE masterclass 👉

Jeffrey Allen is the author of Mindvalley’s popular “Duality” training program. An engineer by trade and energy healer at heart, Jeffrey has helped thousands of professionals combine their intellect and intuition to boost confidence, improve relationships, find meaning and purpose, and manifest the life of their dreams. Based in Tokyo, Japan, Jeffrey is known as “The Healers’ Healer” and is regarded as a global authority on Energy Healing.

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