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  • Hi there, thank so much for your beautifull work.
    Really inspiring wisdom, quite regular from this amazing guy.
    I was wondering, assuming this message has truth in it and I believe it, what would it require to set such a deep change into society ? We are talking from a model building on himself from centuries and centuries. For example I live in France, and our main diploma obtention and notation system last since Napoleon on the Beginning of 19th century. But I think mentality needs to evolve and institution follow, that is just more complex, challenge is bigger, so are the rewards for humanity…

  • Thank you SO much for watching this video!

    Fun fact: Did you know Jay once applied to be part of Mindvalley? 👇

    Jay has a special place in our hearts; he's a transformational speaker, and has touched the lives of countless individuals.
    Give some love, and let us know what you think in the comments below, and be sure to subscribe for more videos like this!

    Spread light and inspiration 🙂

  • Great message and inspiration. I am certain that if enough of us choose to work together we can come up with a way to make this happen and thereby create a happier, better, more peaceful world.

  • If you don't compare to others how will you know what you are good at and what you aren't good at? And if you are good in more subjects how would you ever know? Its all a learning curve and can't be dismissed. I do agree though when you realise your passion and natural talents you should focus on them x

  • this is a bit too far as exaggeration. many of us have done well w/ education system – earned advanced degrees and been in fields we love… not indoctrinated but choice. maybe MANY but not all…. and over generalizations turn me off. non-scientific/non-valid

  • Be good to have well researched options to implement in the education system, they should add a basic banking/taxes course to math for kids – not a fun life skill but much more useful than advanced trigonometry for most (not all) people on a yearly basis.

  • Multiple intelligences. I am happy I received this education through the IU educational program at IUPUI. Multiple intelligences is a piece of the beautiful picture of project based learning. It is however a shame that teachers can be taught to teach protect based learning but public schools squash this type of learning.

  • Wow, Mr Jay Shetty. 🙂 You summarised in a few words the basic problem and conveyed the essence for a solution. Now the question is: How do we implement those solutions, which are: Allowing the children to live their full potential and innate talents/interests? I like that you mention the problem, which is that we fill the children with information that does not necessarily fit to their talents nor their interests. Still there is the question: How do we help students in finding their interests, passions? How do we help them in LIVING their authentic "purpose", "dreams" and passions? The answers for those questions are already within us. We simply need to uncover them. Best wishes from Germany, Daniel Schmitt 🙂

  • Good day. 
    Please see attachedments I would know if you can help me with free health supplements or capsules to improve my conditions and memory loss problems. 

    Also if you can guide me with professional help/research / sponsorship /counseling / amino acid medication/  nootropic medication/   any support please to sell my story or improve technology 

    I was 21 when I jump infront of a train and had major head injuries and if left me paralysed for a few months or soo. I am a 48 year woman who worked for Nebank for 27 years then this traumatic events started . We were moving office from one floor to another and I fell up the stairs with boxes in my arms and aged 22 bumped my head  that time my colleague laughed and said they never heard of a person falling up the stairs but only down the stairs.

    The doctor that time said my tumours is inherit from 3 generations meningioma and malaama passed and is stress related and he suggested that we move out of the residential area. Which we did. But neverless I lost everything my husband my beautifull plot my children my friends all my personal en sentimental belongings due to my personality changes, emotional insecurity, social phobia, memory loss, Nobody understood me not even me do now. I had 4 brain operations due to genetic gene's, over a period of 15 years. The first in 2001 half of my hair was shaved of to open my scalp to remove the tumour, the second 2002 the back of my left ear that leave me partial deaf the 3 rd in 2011 on my frontal right lobe eye what started with losing my eye sight the last in 2015 in my right frontal lobe.. which created a personality change which canot accept nor can my family. Which i am losing my eye sight I think the last one was the most difficult one due to my age and it created a personality change which is difficult to accept by myself and family and I am scared for people that I did not know before the operation. I have no words to explain my condition, I cry every day and is tired and sleep most of the time. I am unbalanced and dizzy if I stand to long I cannot even go shopping. I went through a divorce and into a relationship which made every thing worse as I did not understand why are everybody treating me like a baby.  It felt that all know something but dont want me to know. I believed I was  crazy but my family resued me. Well I believe I am able to cure with professional help / sponsorship or even if reseach is done on me to better technology. I want to be better a person with wealth and health and happiness and success and love than before. I am under 24/7 care but believe I am able to heal 100% with God on my side and professional help. I constantly change living arrangements within the family as they do not know how to handle my moods and cannot live by myself . I have emotional issues as I cry a lot and my family want me save and happy. I have short term and long term memory loss and it seem that no one understand me and I have no reason to live anymore. I was once admitted to Akeso Clinic and one in Randvaal area but I turned out worse and know i am with family in Heidelberg always family with me 24/7 as I get lost and all funny things happen to me. So I am never alone….. I were everywhere with the family Durban Cape town but had no professional help just loving family protecting and caring for me for the past 4 years. 

    The clinic or physo wanted me go go to Sterkfontein hospital but my family said noooo

    Once a month the family comes together and dress me up and make me beautifull for photos but that makes me even more emotional. They love me soo much and also want to see me as I use to be and I know I am breaking theirs hearts as they see me deteriorating . Please see attached documentation and advise accordingly. Your help will be much appreciated. I am positive that this will be sponsored as I want to heal but the financial is limited from our side . I also believe that a book can be written as this is generic from our past 3 generations as some of my nieces and cousins sit with the same issues but not diagnosed or as severe as mine  This would also make a great testamonial or a motivational speech. . But I do not no where to begin and need professional assistance.
      As I know I won't ever be able to work due to this condition i have. I have both short and long term memory loss. I mix my words and numbers and are a threat to myself at home when left alone as i forget to put off the stove and to close the bath tap and forget who is who i drink the wrong tablets etc. I need my family or fiance to give it to me on regular basis I think it could be the beginning of altzheimer or something that is similar.. I do not want to be a burden to my family and want to know if  there ever be a possibility that I can live a normal life again . I come out of a loving family with Christian upbrings and they support me 100% If not can you direct me in the right direction please.  I am sooo scared and cannot go on this way of living I beg you out of my deepest heart to help to be a normal happy person again.
    I know I look normal but the problem is inside my confusing head and I cannot think as I used to think and do not remember what and when I do what and forget what I wanted to say someting.
    The knowledge I havr cannot be tsken away from me but My brain have difficulty to accept new information…
    Nedbank authorised me to apply for a disability grant at Sassa 

    Jimmy Abbotte referred me to Nasa Smartmind in Heidelberg who is doing case studies on me currrently.. as I have breakdowns and loose count of 4 or 5 days at a time.. I know i am high maintenance but do not want to be a burden or a laughing joke to anybody.

    God is good….. All the time…. 

     I cannot go on living this confusing,depressed, joint stiffness,scary,trustless, helpless, suspicious, emotional, anxious, panicfull, frustrating, irrational, dizzy, impatient, way.

    [02/28, 10:48] ICAS also referred me to Sanca in Heidelberg who said they will refer me to someone else. I am still waiting for their call…

    [02/28, 10:55] Vic: Icas reference me to Sanca in Heidelberg again 27/02/2018 and their response was the same as the last time.  They cannot help me as my case is to complicated with my brain tumour and injury and with my long term memory and short term memory loss. But they gave me 2 numbers for dr in Vereeniging and in Alberton which my fiancee must phone for help.

    He did phone but one is over seas and the other one works on a cash basis which I cannot afford. 

    Currently I am on prolax and epynoutin  from  the  gov hospital in Heidelberg, Gauteng. 

    I buy  solal amino acid naturally high now, I used hpt5 before 

     And i also drink IPS energy tablets. 

    Please help me with correct health supplements  to become a normal me again. ..

    I have recurring genetic multipule meningioma tumours and malamoma skin cancer inherent from 3 generations passed accordingly dr Snyckers,dr zorio and dr Torres-Holmes  from Milpark.  And they also said my brain do not produce serotonin any more.  

    My  name is AV TROLLIP and my date of birth is 18/06/1968. I live in South Africa. 

    I got your info from the Internet
    I am busy writing my story for 3 years now…
     The dr said I must write everything down, and I am 50 years old now and I think I am getting better as I am starting to accept my personality changes and God knows what He has planned for me…

  • I’m still incredibly creative and passionate about Art, coding and graphic design and hope to one day have a small business that relates to these. School right now has made me miserable and depressed to the point of collapse. Thx for giving me hope of one day achieving my goals and fulfilling my life of fun.

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