Is Traveling A Waste Of Money For Entrepreneurs? | Miami 2020 ☀️

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Should you travel? Should you spend money to go to conferences, events, and experiences, or is it a waste of time? This is a question I hear all the time and something I wondered for a long time myself.

My answer is a big, resounding no. The return on investment for travel and experiences is priceless.

I fell into this trap big time for the first part of my internet marketing and eCommerce career and I wish I learned this sooner.

Traveling, no matter where it is, whether it’s for a business event, a special occasion or just somewhere you’ve always wanted to experience is never a waste of time or money and improves your overall life in so many ways.

One of the most noticeable benefits is traveling improves your overall mental well being. Experiencing new things and finding new places you love to go expands your mental horizon so to speak and reminds your brain how much life there is out there to enjoy.

Finding new places, new foods, new activities and new people keep life exciting and give you more to look forward to the more successful you become. We all get stuck in our daily routines and this can start to trap you a dull mental rut. So if you’re feeling depressed, lonely, or need a change, maybe planning a spontaneous trip somewhere can solve it.

I don’t like the saying “well-rounded individual” as it insinuates virtue in spreading yourself thin and splitting your time, but I think travel is one of the good examples of that phrase. Experiencing new cultures (even within your own country), creating new stories to tell, and learning new languages certainly makes you a more interesting and attractive person to be around.

I used my recent trip to Miami in this video as an example. I’ve only been to Miami once before this and this time I complexity fell in love and planning on getting a place there sometime this coming year once the world goes back to normal.

We had the privilege of staying with our friend Kevin David at the beautiful Porche Design tower, have our own yacht party since Florida was still on lockdown, and then went to hang out with alligators before we had to come home.

My point? Maybe your new primary or secondary home is still out there waiting for you to discover too.
The next point I made sure to cover in this video is one of my bigger regrets that I’d like to help as many people as I can avoid in the future.

That regret is how much I worried and questioned the process on the way up.

How many sleepless nights I would lay awake with anxiety and fear about the future and if this would all work out someday. The words of everyone who doubted me playing on a loop in my head.

Looking back now with a more logical mindset and a better perspective on everything, I can see how pointless a lot of this was…

There’s a saying I always repeat that goes: “hold the vision, trust the process”

I know it sounds like some fruity motivational speaking line, but it’s very practical.

Hold the vision simply means to stay focused on your goal and don’t deviate off the path when negative thoughts start to come in and trust the process means just that. Trust the proven process you’re following. The business blueprint you’re modeling for yourself to achieve whatever your goal may be.

Whether you’re in eCommerce, real estate, affiliate marketing, etc. Simply trusting the process that you’ve seen others repeat over and over and over again will help you sleep better at night and keep you focused on what you need to do.

Learn to develop a positive type of tunnel vision and learn how to put yourself into a mental state known as “deep work” where you enable a state of deep focus and leverage your full mental capacity to accomplish a task. This is the number one secret that separates those who achieve success and only get mediocre results.

If you don’t think you’re affected by these types of thoughts, stress, and anxiety, you are. Your physical health takes a big toll from the hormones and chemicals released into your body when you’re under stress and it’s just plain toxic.

I hope you guys get something valuable from this video and maybe this advice is just what you needed to hear.

🎥 Videography By @VisualsByFerg on Instagram.

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