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Peter H. Diamandis Peter H. Diamandis is the co-author of the best-selling book "Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think" and a speaker, engineer, physician and entrepreneur best known for being the founder and chairman of the X PRIZE Foundation and the co-founder and chairman of Singularity University.

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  1. We require a Virtual Reality Voting system. Most have a cell phone. VR goggles $40. We can ALL be in the same space and vote ALL at the same time, on any issue. Let's Start with Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Populations 500K. Vote for a Independent Nation, based on self Sustainability, and supporting the PASSIONS of those with a Desire to Create a Better World!! 🙂 <3

  2. Kinda like what Bucky Fuller predicted/suggested long ago. He seems not to have figured in the VR and AI possibilities, however. Would like to have more info on the mechanism of the blockchain in this instance. Thanks!!

  3. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, the Blockchain is here to stay, Steemit is here to stay just accept it, so Facebook, look out!
    Get on the train before it's too late because you don't want to be the last one to get on. The train is leaving the station and if you're the last one getting on you're going to have a lot of trouble and you're going to beat yourself up metaphorically speaking.
    With where we are technologically wise we shouldn't have to work our ass to put food on the table, we have machines advanced enough to take almost all of our jobs overnight. I think cryptos are here to wake up the establishment and society. Cryptos will have everyone asking the questions where does money come from and how can a digital currency just be generated and completely dominate all other currencies.
    What we need to understand is that we are ending an old outdated system and entering a new age, a new system where we take control of our lives and our world. The crash of the old outdated model of how we live is imminent. We are learning at an astonishing rate, we are creating and innovating new markets every day.
    We have reached our destination, the journey of thousands of years of discovery has led us here.
    So now that we have arrived we are preparing the new generation for the time of our life.
    So let's discuss the new way of life.

    As a planet, we decide we can govern ourselves and we create Blockchain with the laws, rules, and regulations to keep order in the world. Our new governance is born.
    In the creation our new Blockchain government, as humans we decide to remove all borders separation us.
    We decide that any food that can be grown hydroponically in greenhouses and in indoor farms are grown and distributed to all of the earth's citizens without cost.
    We decide that Bitcoin or another currency becomes the world currency and can be used globally.
    Plus the age of artificial intelligence is upon us, so we decide to create AI to serve us and manage our robots and transportation and maintain our infrastructures.
    Now that AI and machines are doing all of the work and maintaining the land, as humans we no longer have to work to live, now we can study, we can create and invent, we can explore and go back to discovering again.
    We allocate Bitcoins as an allowance to all of the inhabitants of the earth so that we can take care of all our needs. We become healthier as a planet because we no longer have to stress about bills and all of the problems we live with today.
    We switch from using fossil fuels and start using sustainable energy sources.
    We go solar, wind, wave, green.
    We encourage the population to stop fighting over our differences and become a peace sharing race.
    We end wars and rumors of wars.
    We build inter-mega cities on every unreserved corner of the planet.
    We reserve land for wildlife so that they can flourish without human interference.
    We give our space agencies all the finance they need to advance space exploration.
    We work together to make Earth a better place for all of the inhabitants.
    We reform and educate our prisoners and prepare who were non-violent for reintegration into society.
    We advance as a peaceful type 1 civilization.

    This can all happen now that we can control our financial system.
    All we need to do now is come together non-violently create the Blockchain governance (BCG), spread it around the world, vote it in as our new law of governance and create the machines to uphold the BCG.


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  5. It all depends on who is writing the algorithm for the ai, if it's a good guy it will be good ai, if it's a bad guy it will be bad ai, imagine if Hitler created ai, imagine if mother Teresa created ai, what would the differences be in them? Who makes that decision which one would be best before it's rolled out by a corporation, who is checking to see if it's actually a benefit or a just another weapon unleashed on a sleeping citizenry

  6. Why do people assume that direct democracy is a good thing? We elect politicians to make the complex societal decisions that normal people are not knowledged enough to do. You wouldn't want random people to vote on how to proceed with your own surgery if you needed one. Why is politics any different apart from it potentially affecting entire nations and their people?