I'M GOING TO WIN – Best Self Discipline Motivational Speech

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I’M GOING TO WIN – Best Self Discipline Motivational Speech EVER!

Tony Robbins
Les Brown
Jim Rohn
Grant Cardone
Freddy Fri

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Comment (419)

    PASSION 🙏🏽💯 stay grounded. Stay true to yourself. Self observation and self determination will be the BEST THING YOU COULD WORK ON to develop yourself. Hope and pray everyone who sees this accomplish their long and short term goals

  2. Every day that I wake up and have another day to live I strive to be better than the next day and I always try to do a better goal when you conquer your goals do another one trust me at 1st is hard but you can do it if I can you can and never give up there's always hope Remember when somebody told you can't do it you can don't believe in them believe in yourself and believe in God Because if I can do it you can do it And never give up

  3. We all want it win we all want to become the best however we have to be willing to take the pain to get it to take the long hours to be able to train our mind for that goal that business that milestone we are willing to fight for in our life that moment we wish to prove those around us wrong ❤️that moment when we want to wake ourself up and change our world and shape our future ❤️there’s 1000 things we forget each day make sure fighting for our dreams isn’t one of them!!