I CAN DO THIS – Powerful Motivational Speech Video (Featuring William Hollis)

I CAN DO THIS! Being broke is only a mindset. If you can dream it, you can do it. Powerful new motivational speech from William King Hollis.

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William “King” Hollis

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Redemption – Mitchell Broom

Really Slow Motion
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  1. My teachers looked at me and told me I wouldn't graduate because I got pregnant my senior year.. I walked across the stage and got my diploma and now I am a branch manger of a company at 24 years old. Never give up! Use those negative words and turn them into greatness. That's what YOU DESERVE!!!

  2. its never too late, keep listening to this motivations and don't keep it for yourself:share it with others and jsut remember though it seems easy when you get motivated but it really is difficult,success doesen't just evaporate from nowhere, it does not come from your comfort zone, so if you see your neighbour in a rolls royce or a seven star hotel: don't be jealous coz they worked hard for it.

  3. Here cause I just got my midterms grades and this semester is already hopeless. Got final exams in two weeks, and I know I won't make it. There goes graduation… keeps running away from me.