How Tony Robbins Outsmarts Depression

How Tony Robbins Outsmarts Depression

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Tony Robbins is probably the most gifted communicator I have ever seen. One of his most amazing feats is that in his live seminars, he is able to take people from feeling depressed to empowered in just one conversation.

So in this video, we’re going to talk about just one of the techniques that Tony Robbins uses to accomplish this. It’s called a state break and that is anything that you do to shift someone from one emotion to another. It sounds simple, but if you can master this skill, your ability to help other people, to persuade, and to live a more fulfilled life goes through the roof.

0:50 Anthony Robbins gives the opposite of what they expect
3:20 Tony Robbins resorts to humor like in I Am Not Your Guru
7:35 Calls for body motion for self help and personal development

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  1. The way u use ur body determines how u feel. Don't get fooled by what these people are saying in the comments. If u change how u use ur body and what u focus on u can change how u feel no matter if it is a clinical depressed person. He can also change Case closed

  2. As much as I like TR that was really bad. I’m nearly convinced the dude played along simply not to screw up the moment. He laughed because people expected him to. If he didn’t people would assume things about him. It doesn’t change the fact that as soon as he leaves the event he’s gonna get back into depression. He won’t simply decide to snap out of depression thinking of something funny or placing himself back into situation. Depression is way trickier than that. Tony should know that.

  3. Thank you. One of my best friends has been ina prolonged depression and I thought I was helping by being empathetic and sympathetic and trying reason. i am going to try these state breaks and see if it helps him. I will also check out the Tony Robbins Netflix show because I think I could benefit from it as well. These videos and your observations on this channel are extremely valuable and I think it is great you help others while making a great career doing it.