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“When you confuse a want with a need – you set yourself up for irritation.” – Chris Hogan

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  1. I'm on baby step two got rid of all my credit cards except one, I feel like I need it for more than one reason.. My main job is Hvac Sales but my side job is Lyft & Uber that I use the Costco credit card that not only is it always .30 cents or more cheaper per gallon but also gets me 4% back that pays for that membership every year and gives me a little extra cash in my pocket. Also give me roadside assistance dispatch service.. I can't see me getting rid of it.

    NOTE: I only use it for gas not used for food, I use my envelopes system for that.

  2. If you had medical bills total $12k with no interest, and an HSA account giving me $350 pretax dollars per month toward my bill, and mortgage of $184k with a 3.875 % interest rate, should I attack the mortgage with extra cash and be patient with my HSA to pay off medical bills? Or use debt snowball and attack medical bills, even with post-tax dollars and my mortgage have interest charged? Why or why not?

  3. One thing that I ask myself “I want this but do I have time to really use this?” This enabled me to not to have cable. I asked myself “ what do really want in a car?” I found out that I really only need to to have a 6000 to 8000.00 car.