How to Set up Your BITSHARES Wallet (to Get Free BADCOIN from The Bad Crypto Podcast)

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The Bad Crypto Podcast is giving away BADCOIN, the official token of the show. Bad Crypto, LLC is not selling BADCOIN via an ICO or through any other means. It is being offered for free to listeners of the podcast. This tutorial demonstrates how to sign up for the Bitshares exchange, create a secure wallet and a username. To claim your FREE BADCOIN, simply paste your username into the comments of the official BADCOIN giveaway post on our Facebook page. Be sure to like the page!

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  1. LOVING the podcast i'm rewinding and listening to all the older ones as well, really glad you post frequently as well! would love some badcoin and would love to leave reviews for the show but i dont have a facebook account (becuase its the devil) and i am on android so cant leave a review on itunes store… else can i show my love for the show guys?

  2. Well is safe this? because i try to make a account and saids to me if i lost my password, i will lost my account, he dont have ask me any email. So how garanti me that i will not lose my money? i use GDAX for crypto, and in GDAX we have verify with mobile and emails, but in this bitshares doesnt have nothing for verify. Second is how much is the fee?and how long time takes to send money from portofolio to your bank? your bank account is safe in this website?