How To Read A Book By Hovering Your Hand Over It!? | The Silva UltraMind Technique

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Founder of Mindvalley Vishen Lakhiani is sharing a life changing story with us! 📖 Sometimes all it takes is a change in your state of mind to do the ‘impossible’ 🧠 Understand Altered States and how to use them in your day-to-day life 👉

For 20 years, Vishen Lakhiani has dedicated himself to the study of how to be successful in life.

From mind hacks that take seconds to longer term practises, Vishen has taken the deepest dives into his mind, body and spirit to find out the perfect formulae…🌟

Along the way, Vishen discovered something called ‘The Silva Method’. And after years of fighting for the right to share these life changing techniques with the masses, here it is 🎉

We’ll see you in the Masterclass!

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  1. Please stop. How do I opt out from your ads? Please kindly exclude my profile from the target audience. It's a crazy story, but I strongly believe you're capable of doing that by the touch of a single button

  2. Legend has it that if you turn off the lights in your room, and play this video at max volume in front of a mirror, Thunderf00t will appear behind you…but then he kills you for summoning him using such superstitious nonsense.