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  • I am rich. I am beautiful. I am successful. I am healthy. I am strong. I have my dream body. I am travelling the world with the love of my life. My family and I are safe. My friends and I are safe. I will be with the love of my life. I manifest all this into reality, I will get my happily ever after. I believe it. I HAVE EVERYTHING MY HEART DESIRES! I TRUST THE UNIVERSE!!!❤️❤️🙏🏽

  • I have been meditating for the past four or so days this is the first one that I made it all the way through I felt inspired from the start to keep going and got happy and emotional all at once this was amazing I am going to continue to listen to this one! ❤️

  • As space expands so does time thats why this world has existed and will exist in infinite time going back and forth forever to stop for a moment in time kinda off like a picture forever lost in time

  • I have a very different view of who we are why we have been given a place in which the very present time we live and I believe in God yes li am very much in love with him as the idea but I know he has been out of our reach for a while now even harder as well as longer for women,,only a very few of us have actually been able to be able and get his attention,,,but thank for your guided meditation and teaching as well as sharing your beautiful voice thanks

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  • Says "manifest anything you want" but meditation is guided to manifest a house . What about those who already have houses i was hoping to manifest anything with this but i had to cut it and look for another meditation . Thanks anyways your voice is very soothing .

  • I just started a manifestation journal recently and spent 18 pages describing in absolute detail every aspect of my dream house with my soulmate by my side, my next topic will be describing my soulmate, the one I have been describing to the universe for the last 13yrs, who I've recently met but we're currently being kept apart by Corona, I just know this person is the person I asked the universe for! I felt so overwhelmed during this because I can literally feel everything and visualise every aspect, every detail, even down to smells in each area of the house, the smell of my soulmate, our children, how it feels to have those who are genuine with us and love us as deeply, with very deep emotions to the point I get so excited it's all falling into place and I'm so grateful I'm awake enough to see it all slotting together. It is done! 💜🦌

  • You have all of the power within every single one of us. You just get to a state of deep conscious relaxation in your body and clear your mind from the monkey mind. Just breathing and visualizing what you want and continuously practicing when it feels right. No judgements, no rushing, no doubts, and no shame on yourselves. Love yourself inside and out, always know you are supported and loved unconditionally. We all have our own beliefs, opinions and perceptive. No one is wrong there are unlimited possibilities out there that we can create and use that energy to pursue it. We are all reaching for that mountain top with our own lens. There are challenges and obstacles along the way up but all of our beliefs and being true to yourself and what you believe in will bring you there. As you connect to your higher self and have that love in you, you are the creator of your life and know anything is possible. ❤️❤️

  • I have had so many things come in my life that i desire after my awaking. I visualize, meditate, feel the feelings or having my desires come true, speak life/affirmations and also i do the FOOTWORK towards the direction. Sometimes along the path of having my dream become a reality I realize its not exactly what I want and i manifest a different desire, but what a beautiful journey to discover new desire, different paths, and joyful life journey. ✌❤🙏🌎

  • I was just in my car listening to this video and I literally fell “asleep” i was so relaxed!!! I can’t wait to hear it sgain! I loved it! I have visualized making five thousand dollars tomorrow so let’s see if it works !!!!!! It’s done! It’s done!

  • When you visualize what you want in you head do you ever get goosebumps and chills and you have this rush of happiness because ik it's not only me🤔😌
    Edit: OML that meditation was powerful i got good chills through the whole meditation. I just feel so good so protected and feel as if im on the right path to my dreams and desires i feel it coming and it's really hard to explain the emotions behind it,😌 it's just magical.

  • 1st power tool:Imagination

    2nd power tool:Focus and attention

    3rd power tool:Good feelings lead you to a life of bliss and fulfillment

    4th power tool:Emotion – movement , action

  • Affirmation can be with us every day when we wear clothes with high positive vibrations. I have been practicing it for 10 years now and feel spiritually connected all the time. I have found some good designs in this online store. ​@t and ​@t​

  • Mam ur video of perfect 👌 visualization is viwed by 846k but only 553 comments u got but I really think that I was searching for it and got today when I m sick ……. This video ment for me …..😊 Thanks so much mam for doing such a great visualization with your wonderful voice …… I got all the things what u was saying ….I wish I would have listen it earlier 😊 thankful towards u …..I really bow out for giving me the opportunity to reached my goal and giving me the knowledge what potential I HV…. after listening ur video I really feels that "I M THE MASTER OF INFINITE POTENTIAL" bow down to u mam thank you so much for awaken me ….
    It's my promise to u that I will listen it on daily basis ….
    Thanks from the depth of my heart for this amazing visualization …… I really want to see you mam…… Ur voice has raised me a lot …..I can't express in words what I got from this video….. thanks a lot for removing my stress ….. Plz give me ur address when I will be there where my goal is ….I will surely come to touch ur feet and u will bless me 😇 by ur hands….. Now I m preparing for UPSC and my exam is coming soon ….. Please bless me 🙏 mam for reaching my goal I couldn't study from morning bcoz of my sickness but u hv shown me my goal in my mind in which I have achieved everything whatever I wanted…… Thanks so much mam ….😊 I rarely aads any comment on YouTube but ur voice really made me cry , ur words touched my heart ….. thanks a lot mam so much sorry mam for aading big comment but I really couldn't control my emotions 😢 ….. thanks a lot mam …….my heart is really saying that I must come and bow down to u………. Trillions of likes must come to this video and and trillions of comments of people u must get…☺️ As I couldn't control myself others may be take it with same feeling and emotion…… thanks mam from the depth of my heart……😊 Thanks for realizing me what I am …..
    "BOW DOWN TO U FOR CHANGE MY THOUGHTS IN 25 MINUTES ONLY" I m coming to u soon anyhow to take out ur blessings with u ….. what a wonderful voice u hv mam😊
    Thanks for one more thing mam ….. that u read my whole comment ….and thanks for ur patience to give ur precious time for reading this….
    "I LOVE THIS VIDEO " from ownwards ….. anyway I hv already downloaded it in phone to listen it on daily basis…. thank you so much ma'am☺️🙏🙏

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