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Empath Workshop From Victor Oddo’s Awakened Life Academy

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– Victor Oddo

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This is a workshop I conducted that is aimed to help empaths empower themselves and use their empath skills as the massive blessing they are.

This is training for empaths and highly sensitive people struggling to maintain their vibration in the sometimes negative 3d world.


Victor Oddo

About The Author

Victor Oddo The purpose of this channel is to empower and help awakening souls through the challenges of the awakening process and transition into 4th density.

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  1. 13:32 Yo Victor , you say you can feel energy trough text on the screen , well this is an old video ,
    were out here in 2020 with /slap /punch on discord channels and getting physically slapped
    tough back to the question so feelin the energy that was passed with the writtenin of the text ,
    now what about when you can acctually see the spirit writing the text ?
    kind of a visualliasation of not the person the text is from , tough the spirit
    then we go to
    well were not prank textin on buissness emails right ?
    so a person could have a bunch of spirits talking trough him in diffrent times ?
    i geuss on when and how he deals with certien things ?
    so then Victor then i look at myself , I can see n feel when im talkin and its a diffrent spirit speakin trough me
    specially when its one i know ,
    now why are walkin post deserters (their bodie) i geuss thats how i call them can be here n there , and also channel a text or email trough me ?
    how can i push them out
    how can i get rid of them completley ?
    or are they parts of a whole ?
    do you think if youll stop playin football , a bunch of people as you see them as people would vanish ?
    ok this is leading up to a diffrent level
    stepping down
    so an email , and its not the person as the spirit writing is feels not as who is
    what then
    do we go to possesion and exorcisms ? or is it simply diffrent aspects of a person
    and we just happen to be living in a place that allows us to be many with some stone walls magik or screens allowin mind to wander into other places as bodies wanders aswell on diffrent realms or w/e
    arrgh where are we now ?
    ok ill try from the start aumm…
    so we went to visit the metal houses K D has arisen and bestowed upon us the ability to use our eyes diffrently
    now youve people walkin as other people around ?
    a bit of focus and its visable ?
    whats goin on here?
    is there any ship that is a captains ship ?
    yooo victor
    where are we ?
    so what she says choose whats forward for you , dont mind if we are out of time , and By the way , its not time travelling

  2. Empaths and Emotional Telepathy

    by: The Magus

    Copyright 2020

    This document may be distributed freely in whole, not in part, but may not be sold

    A basic guide to Empaths and tools Empaths can use for emotional telepathy

    The difference between an empath and an emphatic person is that an emphatic person might be able to tell someone is upset based on social cues or body language but an empath knows this based on feel. Most empaths will actually feel the emotions of people around them, and others will be able to sense their emotions. If someone walks into the room who is suffering from depression with a big smile on their face acting as if nothing is wrong only the empath will know as the waves of sadness flood into them.

    Being an empath can be difficult as most empaths are affected by the emotions of people around them and especially the emotions of people who are directly interacting with them. Empaths therefore experience things others do not such as when someone is angry at an empath the empath is likely to feel their anger which can make the experience more unpleasant for them or even prompt them to become angry in a situation where a normal person would not.

    Empaths usually appear as benevolent, because they do not experience any kind of pleasure or happiness from harming other people. When a normal person harms others they may take a certain pleasure in hurting an enemy or even find laughter in the comical misfortunes of others that cause them to experience pain or suffering. An empath on the other hand will feel unhappiness or pain if they inflict it emotionally onto another person and therefore will suffer themselves in the very act of causing another person suffering.

    When someone makes a particularly stupid mistake that causes a normal person to laugh even if the mistake is painful to said person or even if the laughter itself causes said person unhappiness an empath will not react this way. Laughing at others misfortune is simply not normal to an empath as they experience some of that person's misfortune as their own and for the same reason that person is not laughing at themselves the empath is not laughing.