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Looking for effective ways on how to improve your memory? Learn how to maximize your brainpower with Jim Kwik’s FREE masterclass 👉

According to Jim Kwik, the human brain is the biggest muscle in your body that needs to be exercised. Regardless of your age, you can tap into your own personal brain power and learn how to focus on anything you put your mind to.

In this video, Jim Kwik, expert brain coach shows you how to tap into your creativity and change your mindset when it comes to your memory. Memorization helps you focus on retaining information. This is a great skill for students who have to take in a lot of information in a short amount of time.

In this video, “How To Develop A Super Memory,” Jim Kwik talks about the common misconception that memory gets worse as you get older. He believes that when you develop the skill of learning, your memory improves and your creativity is heightened.

00:09 Misconceptions about memory & brain
00:29 Truth about our brain & its abilities
00:50 Why the learning skill is so important

Along with brain training, Jim Kwik’s is known as a personal growth coach, who can help you learn faster and focus on memorization. If you’ve always wanted to read more books and remember information faster, then Jim Kwik’s techniques will do wonders for your mindset.

“How To Develop A Super Memory” with Jim Kwik is more than just about ways on how to focus on studying, but staying consistent with your personal growth.

If you’re looking for effective tips on how to focus, Jim Kwik’s teachings on memory can truly benefit your brain power.

Learn how to improve your memory and more in Jim Kwik’s FREE masterclass

Jim Kwik is a celebrity brain and memory coach who has worked with the likes of Hollywood celebrities such as Will Smith and entrepreneurs Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey. He is one of the most popular Youtube stars with over 20+ million video views worldwide.

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  1. Dear Mr I don't care who the fuck you are. You are constantly popping up while I try to watch some videos on YouTube. I don't care who you are, what you do, what you sell, I'm not gonna buy anything from you ever. Your catchphrases and motivational quotes are phony and cheap. Please get the fuck out of my YouTube ads.

  2. Can you get rid of that stupid noise

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  3. It's funny… when I was a younger man I put 80% of my time into my body… being fit.. then when I hit 30 I realized that I had a MIND TOO! So at that time I realized, what if I put as much exercise into my mind… as I did my body? Today at 53.. I have a great life to look forward to based on getting those earlier years in balance. Who else has discovered they've also been focused at points in their lives like that?


  4. This is a scam. Sign up and you will get no support…ZERO. Mindvalley doesn't answer support questions submitted through their website, and Jim Kwik's website will tell you they're not responsible for what Mindvalley does or does not do. Want to call Mindvalley to try to resolve your problem? Good luck finding a phone number. Mindvalley is located in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

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  6. Hi sir can this sessions be explained in Hindi Language so that more people can get benefit from India this BraInPower TECHNIQUES Because majority of peoople watching Youtube in India and don't understand English .

  7. I learned a memory technique 25 years ago. It gave me the confidence to learn things I would not have even tried before. I once was able to recall a list of 254 random numbers 5 minutes.