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A brilliant presentation by Sean Stephenson on how to create a deep attraction.
Part 1: Shattering your Negative Beliefs: Growing Pains of Love Part 1/4

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  1. And that gets you laid regularly? Your probably doing something that's working very well for you, besides saying Hi, but I can only guess based on the limited information. I'm going to assume that you probably already know them at least indirectly or something.
    Either way, good job!

  2. Alright. I’m annoyed. My cousin resides on the floor above me. I’m pissed because he in recent months became superb at obtaining females. He went to the Master Attraction website by Jake Ayres (Search in Google). Now I hear him bringing girls back. He’s continually getting chicks back and I hear it. It’s yucky and I wish he never found that site. My good friend is getting laid now too coz of that site.

  3. Thank you Sean, Just to let you know the man I have been in love with for the last 6 months and our relationship have not progressed at all. I watched these videos and tried the suggestions and within 3 days, my man has done a complete 180 and he finally started to commit to me.

  4. It's truly disgusting what someone said in the comments here… His name is Tony Baddalooch… He said "of course she didn't want to be with you… You're three feet tall and in a wheelchair… It's not even harsh it's just reality.." People like you are everything that is wrong with this world… You have no sympathy or compassion for a person like this man… You absolutely have no care for their life or for what they can have in life…. You have no clue the kind of unimaginable pain and anguish one feels being in that situation that he described… How can you not care about what someone like him can have in life…. How can he be worthless in your eyes..? Someone like this deserves to have the love and life and happiness that anyone else can have… How can have no care and no heart whatsoever for a person in that situation? Do you not understand that the way you are and the way you think is the very definition of evil… and don't try to convince yourself that is not harsh…

  5. I think how some people's will ridicule this man because of the way he was born, with some type of handicap that finding someone to love him is next to null. Then I think of our veterans Who weren't born with any type of handicap but ended up suffering some type of catastrophe which caused them to lose limbs. Interesting people to ridicule this man will now tell these handicapped veterans "oh don't worry you're no different than anyone else you'll find someone." Everyone has some sort of a handicap which is just a weakness. Whether it's a drug addiction a video game addiction speech problems hearing problems walking problems. It doesn't mean that those people shouldn't be loved. if my husband were in a wreck today and it landed him in wheelchair I would still love him unconditionally. A lot of times people don't get it until something debilitating happens to them. so all those times they say and laughed at someone like this man they now get to live it and understand how it hurts.