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Rock Thomas delivers a powerful, personal story on how to resist the labels forced on you in order to redefine yourself. Rock Thomas is the founder of M1, a community of high achievers as committed to your success as their own. He is also the host of the #IAmMovement Podcast, where we believe, “the words that follow I am, follow you.” Visit to discover the power of progress, your mindset, and making success a part of YOUR identity.

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  1. I don't agree, my old man never gave me praise, not even once. I went to State wrestling championships as a junior. old man didnt even bother to ask, let alone show up. old man didnt even call me by my name, he would call me my older brothers name. Same adversity as this guy, but I had my own eyes. I saw I was both physically and mentally bullet proof compared to other people. No tears like this crybaby. Life is tough, I met a 6 year old girl tough as nails and super attitude. A man cut her throat and her mothers, threw them both in a closet. I swore I would never feel bad or sorry for myself. No need. Life is tough so you got to be tougher. I am glad the old man didn't baby us. it made us independent, objective and free.

  2. My dad denied having any of use. And now he came back to haunt him. We don't know if he's even still alive, or were he is. This guy's dad should have never turned away. My kids passed away but they will always be my kids.