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Eric Worre - Network Marketing Pro Network Marketing Training Videos and Support by Industry Expert, Eric Worre, The World's Most Trusted Trainer and Expert.

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  1. Eric Worre is a very clever con artist who has been investigated in his past for…."Unethical business practices" and is mentioned many times in various media reports, not in a flattering way, claims of unsatisfied clients losing money, a history of his business failures, questionable methods and techniques related to his 'mentoring' the list goes on and is typical of this vile industry. Nothing proven or worthy of criminal charges but be careful, these people are clever and walk a fine line between legality and otherwise, usually the latter! So be mindful of this before you sign up for any of his 'mentoring' because there is no smoke without fire! These 'side line mentors' are parasites on society who exploit and live well at others expense and the MLM / Network Marketing industry itself is poison for most, it boasts a 97-99% failure rate, 100% in many cases, not a glowing resume' for your financial future! A make believe industry where con artists, cheats and habitual liars thrive. Thousands of damming articles are written every year regarding this pretend industry, the pond life who promote it and its many pitfalls, so don't be fooled. Don't touch any of it!