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Eric Worre - Network Marketing Pro Network Marketing Training Videos and Support by Industry Expert, Eric Worre, The World's Most Trusted Trainer and Expert.

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  1. Another slick parasite who coaches from the side lines. The MLM industry is poison for most who sign up, habitual liars, cheats and con artists who will 'help' you achieve your "Goals in life". What absolute horse sh..t. I believe he has also been investigated in the USA for fraud, and mentioned in various media releases, nothing proven BUT, were there is smoke…………. These people are parasites on society, they prey on the desperate and the unwary with the subtle expectation of future wealth with the standard rhetoric and script lines, "be the best you can be" "surround yourself with successful people" "be a Network marketing giant" its all mindless hype while this pond life smile, all the way to the bank, with your money! MLM is POISON!

  2. Dear Eric, thank you for this video and for your book GO PRO. I am reading your book right now and I am really stunned. Everything is in my mind, what I allow (good/bad) it will come to me. Take care and I am really grateful that I got your book from my top manager like a gift. For your understanding I am from the Czech Republic and we have the best opportunity in network marketing – Eurona by Cerny, czech company, exclusive products etc. 👍