How Much Should You Tip Room Service?

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Are we expected to tip room service in hotels? How much should we tip them? Find out about the rules in today’s tipping etiquette video!

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  1. anna hi, im a college student and i work in room service and i can tell you that sadly service charge is not a tip for the waitresses😥 it goes to the hotel. (yes we are very pissed that it automatically takes service charge from people because they think it's the tip, not saying that they have to leave one but some people do want to leave tip and they think they tipped. but you cant also tell them that they didnt tip because its not elegant also service charge is already quit relatively expensive

  2. Can you do a video on how much to tip other hotel staff? I travel frequently for work and I usually stay in upscale hotels. I never know if I’m tipping too little or too much! How much to tip bell service, maid, etc? Thank you!

  3. I think some of you said that a tip is necessary in the service industry because they are usually paid less? I'm an accountant. That's a service job. We dont get tips. I think the whole concept of tipping should be removed because most of these restaurants are already charging insane prices for the portion of food, but just because of manners, I tend to leave a 12% tip.

  4. Please elegant ladies, in the US tip is so important don’t be stingy. A guy who is stingy with tips will eventually be stingy with you as well. Tip is always appreciated in the US. At a hotel pls tip bell hop who brings up your bags, meals, pool attendants, housekeeping staff when you check out, hair/nail stylists, drivers, car wash attendants, whenever someone does something for you so that you don’t need to do it yourself. Wages have stagnated for years. If your man hasn’t budgeted in gratuity then he is living above his means and has no long term prospects. If you are tight trade in one drink for water ( way better for you) for one meal and boom, now you have tip money.

  5. I’ve learned that tipping universally is pretty much appreciated everywhere. Even European countries where the service staff have a salary I still leave about 10-20% for them. If service was horrible and service was included I may leave 5%. In the states I typically start at 20% and factor in service going good of bad it may drop!