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Biohacking secrets for longevity

Are you afraid of taking big meals because they might interfere with your body weight and sugar levels? Ben Greenfield has a hack for you that will change your life. In this video, Ben shares a 30-sec hack that you can use anytime, anywhere to improve your glucose metabolism and live longer.

The 30-sec hack is based on two things: controlling your glycemic index and reducing inflammation in the body. Ben shares how these two factors affect longevity and why they are important if you want to live longer and have a stronger immune system.

Also, Ben shares how to implement this simple biohack even in public places like restaurants. If you’re keen on learning how to be healthy or how to live longer. This video is for you.

About Ben Greenfield:

✅From athletes from the NHL and the NFL to top CEOs and endurance competitors – when the world’s top performers want to take their mental and physical performance to the peak of their abilities, they turn to renowned biohacker, and body and brain performance coach, Ben Greenfield.

✅But despite looking fit by most traditional standards, Ben, at the age of 35, discovered that his biological age was far older than his chronological age and that his body was eroding far faster than he expected.

✅For the next two years, Ben became a relentless self-experimenter and subjected his body to countless biohacks to see whether he could not only slow down aging — But reverse it.

✅Today, at the age of 37, Ben has a biological age of just 20 – A profound 17-year difference.

✅The best part was, the techniques he used to achieve this did not require expensive equipment, they were not complicated to perform, and they did not take a lot of time to see results.

✅In short, these were hacks that anyone — no matter their age or current fitness level — could do.

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