G Edward Griffin on the Federal Reserve

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From episode #351 of The Bad Crypto Podcast, here’s the video version of our interview with G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island.


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  1. It's an Ancient Mesopotamian economic pattern; i.e., the rise and decline of civilizations exhibited signs and symptoms, respectively. I refer to it as the Coffin of Osiris con. However, it could be worse. Unfortunately, everybody has to take a turn in the old Commie forced labor, major diet barrel. And, that will be the West as the economic shift has been moving east. Don't worry. It's happened before. It might come around again in another 200 years. Folks will have forgotten because they just chat, seldom do they leave messages for their grandchildren. So, it's wash, rinse, repeat for the Golem.

  2. Wow, just wow! Watching this during something that everyone knows and feels will forever change our lives but most don’t know how or why. I kind of want to puke. I very recently took the red pill and at every turn I am completely astonished to what we’ve allowed to carry out right in front of us. It was always formed to happen that way. Over my lifetime if anyone came out saying anything going against the regime they are instantly labeled “crazy, wacko or unstable”, usually by mainstream media. So we look the other way, because that’s what they want us to do, “ignore the naysayers, we are here to protect you”. I legitimately feel like I’ve taken 1000 red pills…