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  • Today I was bullied in my class because of my family's financial problem, it was so horrible and I was really depressed about it and I don't have words what I'm feeling right now after this video. Just a big thank you M2S. You helped me to pass this hard time.

  • Im not doing well in my civil engineering degree at the moment… I'm in my 2nd/3rd year & I've already failed 2 classes …. because each of these are only specifically offered in one semester every year & its a pre requisite for alot of my other classes its prolonged my graduation by 2 years😔 So now what was meant to be a 4 yr degree is now 6… I've also only gotten 50s (and a few 60s) for my other past classes and tbh I've been feeling like dropping out since my first year…
    I'm so over clich'e motivational videos tbh but this one really struck a chord with me because I feel like I can relate to her so much. I've been so miserable for the past 3 years & learning to deal with other life issues as well while studying has been emotionally & mentally challenging but listening to her speak has given me a tiny bit of hope that I can still turn myself around & graduate with good grades.. & land myself a job lol

  • My grandfather told me when I was 8 years old that I'll be unemployed, unhappy person, addicted to cigarettes, drunker, and I'll abandon education soon.

    Today I am preparing to get my doctorate degree after 7 years of hard work.

    to be a father means to be responsible for what you say, how your features work, billion of sons over the world are in hard situation maybe because of a word was stuck in their heads.

  • I love this woman. She inspires me so much. I hope I become half the woman that you are. Thank you for giving me guidance and helping me move forward in this long journey. Failure is a part of life and I haven always feared it. My mindset has been negative ever since I entered high school. I am now in university and I am working so hard to improve it. Thank you for posting this.. it’s life changing. :’)

  • I use to be an F student who sucked at math and hated it, couple years passed by I realized I wanted to become a robotic engineer and finally realized the beauty of these topics. I began studying and failing but kept going. I was never able to pass my final Algebra test, until one day I decided to skip right in to Algebra 2 hon from financial algebra(a class for people who suck at math) I decided to keep working super hard until I finally made it to senior year, I’m now taking pre-cal but I know how to do calculus and more from learning on my self and I’m taking AP chemistry(hardest course we have) and I told my self before I leave school, all these years I’ve had to learn something and I have. To finally be able to rest I will get a 5 on my AP exam no matter what, everyone’s saying I can’t, but I am and I’m gonna leave with a smile on my face.

  • I'm so glad that this video literally appeared on the day i had my calculus and algebra entrance exam. I think I feel more motivated to do better for the real exam at end of year. I think i passed, but there's requirements in order to take calculus next year.

  • here i am im 13 taking algebra
    i have a exam tomorrow, im scared what if i fail algebra completely. I get angry at myself mentally when i see other students in my class get good grades and always get a “correct” from the math teacher. I loose motivation when i see that because i know that its never going to happen to me. I try my hardest, i cry about how bad i am. How frustrated i get especially while class is going, i space out. I feel like a “dry riverbed”. Scared and afraid i wont ever make it. Its weird how im good at other school subjects but in my math it disappoints me. i cry and cry but i always end either frustrated at myself or stuck. Im loosing hope at this point. math just never got into my head. im scared

  • My story :
    Once told by his teacher "you are dumb at mathematics you can do nothing in your life" ,took that word so deep that the next year he showed up getting top at the mathematics in the school.

  • 24 years old, just got married, no job, no proper adequate financial income. Did Civil Engineering for 2 years, failed miserably at it, took a year out. Decided to go back to Education and took up Mechanical Engineering, did well in the 1st and 2nd year followed by a terrible 3rd year due to health implications. Now having failed some classes in 3rd year I'm repeating another year… Now what ? Do I give up ?
    Give up on my Mum
    Give up on my Dad
    Give up on my Wife
    Give up my Education because of Circumstances ?
    NO !
    No matter what life throws at you, We can always rise above our situations in life. Don't let the your circumstances change your goals in life, no matter how hard the obstacle gets.
    We can overcome.

  • I failed for the second time yesterday … I got a 4 and 4- …. I just moved to a new country for one Year now and some months 😭 and i thought if i be attentive in class and repeat on my own when i go home then im gonna make it. .. OkAy am always with my books even in train … 😭😭😭yesterday my teacher gave me the results and she was like… Sorry but i think you could do it better if you talk loud and more active in group works . in my mind i was like. How?? I listen more and revise more when i go home in order to get that 1 … 😭😭i was shedding. My face was burning😭 am still down… I dont wanna give up … But aint attending the lessons today😭😭😭 … I would love to study medicine. Make a difference in my family and make my parents proud ..

  • What if you're failing? Typing this I'm sad I study hour after hour to make up for not being able to study for the semester because I used to long work hours as a server to put myself through school and it is very hard for me to catch up and I just do not know what to do but just try even if I fail. However, if I fail I will lose my scholarship.

  • im 18 yo , i've always been an average student but i didnt work hard … i graduated highschool with an average grade and majored in economic at university i thought thats what i wanted to do… but i didnt like it , the thing is i always found medecine interesting so i took a big decision in my life which is : take a gape year and repass my bac exam ( an exam that defines your major its /20 ) so in order to do medecine i have to get 16/20 , its very hard i know but im willing to work as hard as i can , im gonna risk it all this year i have to get that grade , i know that no one think i can do it , but i will do it and prove them all wrong . wish me luck and dont be afraid to take risks , we only live once and we dont want to wake up one day i say what if …

    (sorry if my english is bad , its my third language)

  • My environment is so negative. I'm trying to find my way out. It's hard when you're trying to get through school while taking care of yourself and children It's very hard but I WILL FINISH STRONG! You know everybody looks at a single mother as nothing. I got accepted into Cornell in the 10th grade but my environment took me under. I never stopped fighting. Doctors and lawyers that I meet in passing give me hope. No matter how long it takes. I will never stop. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • I watched this video two years ago in order to improve my listening skills.Back in those days I struggled with English and I thought that I would newer speak this language.But I was wrong:)No matter whatever you doing,keep doing You will succeed

  • my GPA is fucked and I’m about to lose my financial aid. I know I’m smart but right now I feel like a dumbass. This video helps but I know realistically I can’t graduate college above a 3.0 gpa 😓

  • My dad punched me in the chest
    When I got to his house and when he said the teacher called saying that I was in my phone, he said u disappointed me and he wanted to hit me again, but my dad doesn't like to hit his kids, but I made a promise I didn't keep and he said you told me you were going to behave in school and get your work done and Excel

  • The thing for me about math is the language is so abstract , if it was easier to understand the reason why were using formulas ,graphs etc etc then people would understand math a lot more

  • I sometime wanna cry and scream bc how hard it take to be a bioscience student, i don't matter about calculus or anything about lectures, what matter to me is in my colleges we have a bunch of tasks that we have to do every single nights, almost everyday making tasks and it even takes ours weekend, i don't know how college life's work in overseas, but i think in my college it's gonna be harder for each semester.

  • Shout out to the students that are up 4 am studying. People see the success but never see the hard work that goes into it. Keep working and I promise you get everything you wanted!! 🙌🏽

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