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  • i just wanted to say thank you for making such information fulfilled videos. Your motivation "Believe" video made me cry.. haha as i was watching, i cried tears of acceptance and responsibility that i need to take in order for me and my health to be okay. Because of that video, im about to go on a walk as soon as i post this comment. im overweight and im not okay with it.. i just havent really been up for making any changes til now..  i have been watching alot of your videos today and i dont understand why you dont have more subscribers. you make QUALITY videos, HELPFUL videos. lol im excited to see you grow on youtube.  i dont really have a clue what i want to do with my career yet (soon to be high school junior, )   but i know i want to do something that has to do with business.. and these videos have actually made me less stressed about doing what it takes in order to be successful. im scared to start business school in a few years because i am truly TERRIBLE at math.. but its what i have to do .. haha thank you for giving me some insight on the business and entrepreneur side of things, its very helpful. 

  • Hey Evan, I've also been planning on doing these videos like you do on helping others to grow and get inspired once I have reached my peak in business, though even when I'm just about 18 then. I need some advice from those who has experienced the business world before I get in there for real after school. I have a question: 
    If I have my company going international, do I need to partner up with other big companies to maintain harmony or should I just go independent and should I continue being CEO or just hire one and let myself be in the board of directors(retire)?
    Thanks for making this happen, they really helped me see the business world better.

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