Don't Be Afraid to Fail Big, To Dream Big – Denzel Washington | Goalcast

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Make A Difference speech – During commencement at Dillard University, Denzel Washington delivers an inspiring speech about the necessity of failing in order to grow and achieve greatness.

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Comment (1,215)

  1. Start with 1 kilometer,
    Start with 1 healthy food,
    Start by thanking for 1 thing,
    Start by reading 1 page of 1 book,
    Start by saving 1 coin,
    Start by paying 1 debt,
    Start by making 1 phone call,
    Start by developing 1 skill,
    Start by ending 1 toxic relationship,
    Start by meditating for 1 minute,
    Start by hugging 1 person,
    Start by being silent for 1 minute,
    Start by saying 1 word of love to you,
    Start today,
    Repeat tomorrow

  2. No one said it better than Chris Gardner: « Everybody’s got a dream, everybody’s got a goal. But what’s the plan? And your plan has gotta have which is called the C5 complex. Your plan has gotta be clear concise compelling commited and consistent »