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  • to be a good DigitalNomad, you need to travel and live simple. I tend to collect things and it costs a fortune to move stuff back and forth. If you're planning to live this life, don't hold onto things..they just get in the way. Minimalism…I'm not even joking. If you don't need it..give it away. I've got crap I haven't seen in 20 years and it's still in storage.

  • im not a buy courses online guy, i know what i need. but just totally impressed by the ad messaging.
    you have the perfect balance of relevance and aspiration. like your hook point was outside the relm of simply "want to work from anywhere" would love to talk shop in 6 months or so

  • taking what works for 1 business and expanding that to work any many businesses in different cities is a very very veryyyy real thing!

    swapping different headlines for different audiences different markets etc
    ive seen real businesses do it
    the legendary book boron letters suggests it
    and even i do it.

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