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  • This is a either a weak man or satanic inversion psyprop. You CAN change a woman's behaviour with good red pill training and you Don't ever tolerate her doing ANY of this losers balls squeezing list EVER.. not EVER is this behavior from a woman tolerated not once. Be a man demand excellence from a her. Not obsess about serving her with your excellence. This is cuckspeak brothers. Stop being so defeated. I will not give up on looking for a truly excellent submissive woman.

  • I'm only 20 years old but I think about this particularly….
    You say spinning plates>A monogamous LTR. Okay. But what about the girls that are being used in the process? Richard you have a daughter yourself, how would you feel knowing once she's grown up the guy she's dating is dating her and other women at the same time because of red pill advice and stuff?
    (I welcome a dialogue and if I've said something wrong correct me)

  • While I do support 100% all of Rich's work and the Red Pill movement, the study on the podcast does show is that you do have at least a 20% chance of finding the best possible LTR or wife. Not good odds but some people pull it off and are quite happy. Rollo T. seems to be one. Question is, how the fuck do they pull it off? A long vetting process as proposed by Rich and Doc is critical, including sifting through for red flags.

  • @Enterpreneurs in cars
    Lots of vague critisism without specifying how or why the author is wrong or is exagerating.
    Saying the author uses "weak words" or talks to much about women in a post explicitly about relationships, is NOT an argument lol.

  • Had a great relationship for 28 years. One day she turned. She divorced me smeared my name took everything I owned and kept my kids blocked for 4 years so far. She turned into a woman I just don't know. Never again.

  • This is one of my favorite videos of recent, Rich. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Message here. Spot on, necessary, and respectfully honest.

  • Steve Harvey is a handsome cat who chases his mission and purpose. I feel if you want a real LTR, you have to get a good one at a young age, or find a virtuous woman. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm 36 and theres 2 girls I personally know of that have a v card and are waiting for marriage. If you're chasing your average worldly woman you just have to be a master of all areas of your life, and not be too concerned with the outcome of your ltr. If she threatens to leave dont care. Pass her crap tests, and just be a complete man. It's just a tricky world to navigate these days.

  • Western men can’t handle women so they proceed to analyze every little detail and find fault in everything… I called that excuses and lack of masculinity. Latin men are like sharks. They have strong game. They handle their women.

  • I'm 45 years old….I have never been in a LTR…Why…I don't chase women…that one thing…and second…I ask very tough questions that never get answered…Red Flags appears….Now if LTR is the way to go…I am not sure…. Respect is no longer first nowadays…I refuse to be in a situation that is bound to end before it starts….life is way too short…So Marriage is definitely not cool these days…why… People do not stay together….we live in a broken world…..Listen to Mr Cooper….He know what he talking about…🙏🙏🙏

  • No.
    WRONG! Wisen up! Shame on you!
    Ladies are NOT willing to be Used as a fuckToy in "sharing" any man of high or low status man, that is a completely absurd notion! SELFISH Narcissistic men pay for their destructive lack of impulse control. Cheaters deserve less than that for their harm. Get a clue. Life isn't about Sex, nor Controlling women. Be a educated professional, a provider, a decent human being, a gentleman, who cares about doing right with goodnees. Jesus Christ! It's definitely not that hard to work & be monogamous! That's the good life. Happy wife Happy life!
    What idiot horney children did the research for this "study?" Obviously, it's Not scientific. It's definitely pathetic & pathological to only be concerned with getting your dick wet & having your needs met by females. Stop abusing ladies hearts. Hire a prostitute, or buy a fuckdoll robot & STOP the ABUSE. You're obviously too immature for women, that deserve to be loved, honored and cherished. Remember this: "From womb to tomb we are bound to each other & with every crime and every kindness we birth our future."-the cloud atlas
    Meaning love can NEVER be made Safe; it takes courageous care to love. Obviously you just want your dicks wet at the cost of harming, that is cruel destructive behavior. Definitely not healthy nor something to be admired.

  • Nice video, a lots of truths here. Recently I've had to end a relationship based on this curve. I think I was near the bottom there…LoL. When I did that I went from a "1" rating to about a "10" . Now she "appreciates" me all of a sudden. I don't do well in relationships because I am a typical nice guy. Until I'm not. I wish it wasn't like this, that somehow I could just be in love and be happy. The main thing is to be honest with yourself, if it's going bad, then it's going bad. Let it go. You will be so much more at peace.

  • I personally think LTR's are worth it, if you pick the right woman that compliments your life! I've learned through trial and error that you have to be a respectable man in order to get and keep a quality woman! Never let the woman walk all over you!!!

  • This is an excellent topic, handled really well. I think this issue is one we all need to work out, and in doing so, we settle into red pill thinking. It's not comfortable, it's not the way we would like things to be, it's not warm and fuzzy, but it is reality. Learn it, accept it and move forward. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome. Thanks Rich.

  • The answer to do they end. Yes eventually it’s a simple fact of life. I’ve been married for over 20 years and 95% happy.
    It takes work, YOU must maintain your health, body, and SMV especially WHEN she allows hers to slide. Most importantly don’t cave into her shit.
    Make sure she understands you are ready to leave at any time.

  • your take on this seems to be men trying to find???? How about powerful men who became wealth as they aged. Ask them how there wifes of 40 year treat them. Sorry you may find their is no sex and they have to pick up there socks and walk on eggshells. love the take on the socks on floor, if the cleaning lady is going to pick it up why the f should she be even consider about it!!!! Im thinking there may not be any cleaning lady and she may have to pick it up. Lol dont get me wrong I love all this and have a hard time understand why couples dont love being in…! love sex and all that for a life time. With one person may not be!! Anymore… sex is life. And should be love!

  • I thought being Vice President of the Sales company I work for, would get me a respectable woman. What an idiot I am for thinking that. Fuck these gold digging whores

  • This is a ‘rent’ only society. In the day and age of instant gratification, relationships are disposable. If you met someone on line, it probably wont last. If it doesn’t work with the person you are with, you can hop back on a dating site and meet a new person almost instantly,,,especially the girls can. My advice? Ride them all hard and put them away wet….because thats the game these days.

  • Holding frame,Lol? You got to be kidding! Sorry for the guys still on the plantation or in some twisted LTR …PUA tech may work outside of LTR or marriage but holding frame or Alpha platitudes just for a dwindling asset- gains just lessen over time. Why? We have a greater sense of our values then they do!!! Their character is best on a whole array silly metaphors of social values and propaganda of what LTR means to women…Sorry, no woman is “worth the effort!”
    P.S. Sex may mean a great thing for men but if men are lazy, sex is a whole lot of effort for a whole lot nothing to hold on to!
    Good luck guys!

  • I'm 52 .never married .no kids..every time it starts to go down hill im off.
    OK .its a hard life. ..i need to keep looking for a new gf a lot.
    And as I get older the quality of women gets lower…so I've been retired in asia for 5 years. ..to keep up the younger higher quality women available.

    But ..I know im getting closer to accepting older not so desirable women as I too get older…but I'M NOT becoming a plough horse ..
    Resist it guys…and watch your brothers and friends in their pitiful sex less lives being bossed about by over the hill wives and think u and I have made the right decision although it might require a lot of moving on and effort.
    It's a standing joke amongst my family and friends about another new gf….but what else can we do if we want to keep it fresh and available. ..

  • I disagree that women will never disrespect a man on his purpose, or a man that other men want to be and women want to be with. Stephen Curry is a perfect example. Curry is on his purpose (lead his team to the playoffs yet again), has groupies that will do anything to fuck him, and has men that would kill to be in his shoes. Curry provides for his family, sets a good example for his kids, and tries to be remain a faithful husband. Yet his trifling wife is on national television disrespecting him.

    And Curry's definitely not the only example. Jeff Bezos, Scottie Pippen…the list goes on and on. The truth is: Most modern women are garbage. Period. They're impossible to please in the long term, and are only good for sex (if that). Best to not commit to them, and kick them to the curb the moment they start their bs. Either that, or go monk and don't deal with them at all. It's a sad state of affairs but it's reality.

  • A good friend of mine got married a few years ago and he's doing great at keeping her in check so far. It really comes down to not giving her that first inch as it unravels right there and then.

  • Please include the hyperlink copy of the post you are analyzing in the whole video… It would help your viewers greatly. I listen to YT mostly, while doing reading something else.

    Btw Life always wins, the woman is the bringer of life, she is equipped biologically with all kinds of tools / weapons to ensure life gets created. You can try to control it , but will always lose at the end one way or another.

    He is right about denying the sex part big time, the latest chick i was dating realized that look in my eyes that I get it what it means and changed her strategy up by giving the best sex after. All women I met have zero problem having sex during her period, it is her interest/matter of competition anxiety level whether she will or not.

    Fully agree on the giving sex talk, you as a man gives her sex. Only exception is you pay a hooker/escort.

  • While I was growing up, a friend' of mine's mother would always tell us: If your wife ever denies you sex, don't wait, get an attorney, the Divorce is comming". She was a stunning beauty that had attended a 'posh' New England private girls school. I thought that added infor important to add weight to the didactive,

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